If BusinessInsider is Worth $440 Million…

First, congrats to all my friends at Business Insider.  They have come a looong way, and awesome to hear of the well deserved payday.   This is an update of an old post where I looked at some valuations of various media properties to see what they “could” be worth.

The last time I updated it BI was “only” worth $168 million, but interestingly enough, if you input their current monthly unique visitors, it spits out a valuation of…..$456 million.  Pretty close!  So what are some other investing sites worth just based on monthly uniques?

Valuation Method:

1.  Input total uniques from HypeStat.  (Clearly these are wrong for some sites like Reformed Broker which is way too low.) BI = 76,000,000 uniques/month

2.  Estimate revenue per month (10% of uniques), and per year (simply multiply X 12). BI= $7.6m/month, $91.2m/ year. (Springer said it was close to 6X 2016 revenue #s so these are high it seems)

3.  Tack on a 5X trailing revenue which is about what AOL paid for HuffPo.  Roughly $6/ monthly unique.  BI= $456m

So what are some other sites worth?

Zerohedge,  SeekingAlpha, and TheStreet all about $50m (which is approx the market cap of TheStreet).  MebFaber.com?  Not so much!