New Quant Backtester Download

One of the main reasons people subscribe to The Idea Farm is that it comes with an Excel download that lets you backtest asset allocation and tactical strategies back to 1973.  Honestly I think this is worth the subscription fee alone.

It currently includes 12 broad asset classes.  One of the biggest requests from subscribers is to add more asset classes.  So, with the new download in January, it will add a whole bunch of new indexes, including sectors, trend strats, value and momentum factors, etc.

It will also include all of the standard allocations as published in our book Global Asset Allocation.  Strategies like risk parity, endowment, and 60/40.

And you can test all of the strategies as published in our white papers “A Quant Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation” and “Relative Strength Strategies for Investing”.

Sign up now for The Idea Farm and don’t miss the update in January!