I’m Investing $85,000

Last week, we announced the launch of a fundraising campaign on behalf of my company, Cambria. If you’ve been curious, yet remained on the sidelines, this update is for you. Two quick points:

First, at the beginning of this month, I published the post, “How I Invest My Money“. One of my intended takeaways was that it’s critical that fund managers invest at least some of their own money in their funds. The reality is “skin in the game” changes things.

I believe that’s equally true when it comes to private investments. For this reason, I’m putting $85,000 of my own money toward our Cambria fundraise. My motivation stems from my excitement about Cambria’s future as we stand here today.

Second, we’re receiving a great deal of interest in the raise, so thanks to everyone who has reached out and begun pledging investments. We’re excited you’re joining us.

Please note that given the speed at which we’re gathering commitments, our team has begun to target a closing date. If you’re interested, I encourage you to reach out or visit the fundraise homepage here so you don’t miss out.

Feel free to call us at 310 683 5500 or send an email to info@cambriainvestments.com.


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