The Best Investment Writing

If you’ve been following this blog (and now Twitter and podcast) for long enough, you know I struggle with curation.

My frustration with all the investment noise out there prompted us to start The Idea Farm, and we started doing an annual post of the best investment reads of the year.  Fast forward, and well, it’s now a book that dropped today!

This is my 6th book.  Actually, I was only the editor/compiler, but it was a passion project and regardless it was a lot of fun.  Plus Jeff helped a lot.

Hopefully this will be a fun read, one where you can pick it up anytime and read a 10 minute chapter.

Best part, all of my proceeds are going to charity of the author’s choice(s).

2nd best part, I’m making all of my other books free to download Tuesday-Saturday.  (I actually thought the book came out tomorrow, ha).

Best Investment Writing Vol 1


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