Cambria Partnership?

As the majority of you are aware, we lost our co-founder, and dear friend, Eric this past January. However, after discussing it as a team, we decided to continue on with the mission Eric helped start, of growing Cambria into a world-class asset management shop. We believe this is what he would have wanted and is an appropriate way to honor him.

Eric owned a substantial portion of equity in Cambria, and while we believe friends and family would happily purchase Eric’s former share, we’re also aware that an investment by the right institutional buyer might turn out to be a wonderful partnership for both firms.

To that end, if you represent an institution that would be interested in learning more about owning a substantial portion of Cambria’s equity via Eric’s former ownership, please email me. I’d be happy to share more details with you and discuss whether this investment makes sense for all parties.

Thanks for your interest, Meb