Found Money

Just a quick, fun post today.

Sure, our main goal is to help you generate significant growth through wiser investing, but a few extra bucks in your pocket never hurts. To that end, here are a bunch of easy ways to save money without changing your spending patterns of lifestyle at all.  In fact, most of these websites pay you for doing nothing (I use them all).  And if you signup with my link in most cases we both get a bonus…)

If you try some and they work for you, shoot me an email and let me know. – We’ve mentioned this one many times before. In fact this website has helped our followers find over a million bucks in unclaimed property.  That is not a typo.  Most may find $100 to $10,000 but we’ve had many find more than that.  If you don’t believe me search my Twitter feed…

Lots of assets sit unclaimed on state government books.  Think old stock dividends, insurance claims, electricity bills, etc.  The purpose is to protect consumers by ensuring money owed to them is returned to them, rather than remaining permanently with financial institutions, business associations, governments, and other entities. You might have an old account somewhere you forgot about, just sitting there doing nothing. Enter your name and see what pops up. Hey, have a little fun and enter names of your relatives or clients – I promise if you find them some unclaimed cash they will love you forever!

Ebates – here’s how it works. You install Ebates “Cash Back Button” on your browser and it alerts you if there’s cash back available at a store you’re shopping at. At stores that don’t offer Cash Back, the Button will alert you if a product is available for a lower price and with Cash Back at other stores.  I’ve received over $200 from this app alone.  You get $10 if you signup with my link.

Seated – This is a restaurant app that rewards you for dining at the great restaurants in your city. Simply browse and book a new reservation, enjoy your meal, and receive $10 – $50 in rewards from Amazon, Starbucks, or Lyft.  Basically it is OpenTable except you get paid to dine at the restaurant.  I like the concept so much I invested in the company!  $5 if you signup with my link.

Yelp Cash Back – With this, you eat at selected restaurants then earn up to 10% cash back automatically. Sign up for free by linking your credit card, pay with your linked card at one of the affiliated restaurants, get back cash.

Service – If you’re a frequent flyer, you might like this one. You may be entitled to as much as $700 in compensation if your flight was delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last 5 years.

The apps also detect savings based on your travel reservations. It automatically detects flight disruptions and hotel savings opportunities based on travel reservations in your inbox. For instance, it keeps track of your upcoming hotel stays. If it detects a price drop, it automatically rebooks you at the lower rate. Same thing with your booked airfare. Even better, for delayed flights, Service will take a look at all your past flights and automatically pursue compensation from the airline for any delays or cancellations you’ve experienced over the last year.  $20 off if you signup with my link.

Hooch – this app helps you discover new bars and nightlife locations while giving you a free drink. Download the app, see which bars and restaurants are participating, then go and grab a free drink. Get a month of Hooch for $1 when you signup with my link.

Freebird Rides – Basically, you earn points and cash rewards whenever you take Uber. All you need to do is make a valid purchase at the location using a credit card linked to your Freebird Rides account. So, your Uber may be free if you goto a restaurant or bar.  When you use it, you’ll earn points which you’ll trade for rewards or cash.  You get $10 if you signup with my link.

Last, I’ll mention FoundersCard. Full disclosure, you have to pay for this one. But it gives you tons of benefits. Members enjoy exclusive benefits from premier travel, lifestyle, and business brands. You also get access to top hotels and resorts offering privately negotiated preferred rates, added amenities, and flexible cancellation privileges.  My favorite benefits are the status upgrades for lots of the hotels, airlines, and car agencies… You get $200 savings if you signup with my link.

If you have any good ones I’ve missed, email them to me and we’ll update the list…