Bonus Episode: Michael Philbrick – Skis and Bikes: The Untold Story of Diversification

Bonus Episode: Michael Philbrick – Skis and Bikes: The Untold Story of Diversification



Author: Michael Philbrick is president of ReSolve Asset Management. He is currently one of the Portfolio Managers for the ReSolve Adaptive Asset Allocation Fund, the Horizons Global Risk Parity ETF, and ReSolve’s managed accounts. Prior to co-founding the ReSolve in 2015, Mike was a Portfolio Manager at Dundee Private Wealth, Richardson GMP and Macquarie Private Wealth. He has over 25 years of experience in investment management, including nine years as a Portfolio Manager, and is a Chartered Investment Manager and Accredited Investment Fiduciary.

Run-Time: 42:02

What is this Episode? We recently published The Best Investment Writing, Volume 2. The first book was a hit, with MoneyWeek concluding that it “should be on every investor’s bookshelf.”

But we made the second volume even better – we expanded it to include 41 hand-selected investment articles, written by some of the most respected money managers and investment researchers in the world.

We thought it would be fun to bring on some of the authors so that they could read their specific chapter from the book. That’s what you’re getting in today’s special bonus episode.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of The Best Investment Writing, Volume 2, head on over to Amazon or our publisher’s website, which is Harriman House.

Also, know that your purchase would benefit charity, as all writer-proceeds go to the charity of the specific author’s choosing.

So, enough from me, let’s let Mike take over with this special bonus episode.

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