Episode #535: KraneShares’ Brendan Ahern on China’s Economic Landscape: Is It Still Investable?

Guests: Brendan Ahern is the Chief Investment Officer at KraneShares, which provides investors access to China, Climate, and other uncorrelated strategies. He also produces China Last Night, a daily note recapping important news out of China. 

Recorded: 5/22/2024  |  Run-Time: 52:09   

Summary: In today’s episode, Brendan delves into the current state of China’s stock market and economy, exploring the impact of the property crisis, upcoming U.S. election and the state of the consumer. Our discussion addresses key questions on whether China remains a viable destination for investors, considering recent regulatory changes, economic policies, and global market dynamics.

Sponsor: 10 East is a membership-based investment firm founded by Michael Leffell, former Deputy Executive Managing Member of Davidson Kempner, focused on providing targeted exposure to private markets. 

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Links from the Episode: 

  • 1:02 Introducing our guest, Brendan Ahern
  • 5:53 The state of China’s economy
  • 14:18 Analysis of China’s geopolitical concerns and international partnerships
  • 20:01 The narrative around China post Russia-Ukraine
  • 22:03 Deep dive into KWEB
  • 29:44 Implications of the US election
  • 32:40 Discussion on currency hedging
  • 33:52 Other KraneShares’ funds
  • 41:44 Will TikTok be banned
  • 43:52 Brendan’s most memorable investment
  • 46:18 Future plans for KraneShares