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The $130,000 Idea Challenge

From the folks at Orgami out with a new investment $130,000 contest.


Also, another fun Idea Farm email went out last week that has an issue of Manual of Ideas….included is a reading list from de Vaulx that features some books I have never heard of like City of London: 1815-2000 by Kynaston and A Financial History of Western Europe by Kindelberger.  Both in the mail…


Somewhat surprisingly, I didn’t receive a single response to my trading systems on drawdowns post.  My buddy Wes at Turnkey Analyst commented that investing in drawdowns is likely just the value effect (things get really cheap usually when they are down 50-90%!).  So we recreated the chart but with valuations, and lo and behold, no shocker but sectors are cheapest when they are down the most.


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