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The Best Investing Book

I get asked all the time by friends and investors the same question.  And I don’t have a good, single answer. “If you could give a recent college grad just one comprehensive book to learn about investing, what would it be”? Help me out, would…

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CAPE Ratio, Why Have Thou Forsaken Me?

A lot of people look at this bull market, valuations, and think somehow that value has forsaken us.  And that the much discussed CAPE ratio doesn’t work.  They look at the CAPE ratio, at a current value of about 30 in the US, and think…

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A Bar Too High

For stocks to meet expectations over next 10 years, valuations must rise to highest they’ve ever been in history. That’s quite a statement.  But it’s not my math.  The formula comes from the founder of index investing and steward of the largest buy and hold…

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BBQ and Brews

Hosting a fun fintech meetup next week if you find yourself in LA…Wed May 17th, come say hello! RSVP and DETAILS HERE    

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