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Important News Reminder – GTAA ETF

Below is an email letter we sent to shareholders in June.  While I strive to avoid discussing work related matters on social media such as this blog and Twitter, sometimes it is important as a delivery mechanism to ensure all investors are informed.  Lots of…

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Buffet’s Favorite Indicator (for Japan)

Two fun charts below comparing mkt cap to GDP in the US and Japan.  Interesting to see they have similar medians, as well as peaks and troughs.  From VectorGrader:  (You can also find more info at the World Bank..Would be fun to test the historical…

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Railroad CAPE Ratios – In 1929?

This was a fun paper I sent to The Idea Farm a few weeks ago.  A few tidbits: Changing Times,Changing Values: A Historical Analysis of Sectors within the US Stock Market 1872-2013 “We plot the CAPE ratio for the overall market as well as…

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Valuation and Sentiment, You Say Potato…

I had not seen the website Street Talk Live before, but it has some nice charts.  One was a long term chart of the AAII stock allocations.  Nut surprisingly, but sentiment correlates pretty highly with valuations.  But then again both of those are dominated by…

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This IS the Global Market Portfolio

Any deviations and you’re an active investor…Rounded these numbers from this earlier piece. 40% stocks (20% US, 20% foreign) 20% Corporate Bonds 30% Government Bonds 5% Real Estate 2% each TIPs, emerging bonds, high yield    

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June Tweetstream

Some fun tweets and favorites from the past month over at @MebFaber [<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “June Tweetstream” on Storify</a>]

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