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If BusinessInsider is Worth $440 Million…

First, congrats to all my friends at Business Insider.  They have come a looong way, and awesome to hear of the well deserved payday.   This is an update of an old post where I looked at some valuations of various media properties to see…

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Why The Big Bad Bear (Probably) Isn’t Over Yet

I enjoyed this interview with Joe Rosenberg of Loews – The Wisdom of a Stock Market Nonconformist.  He is a Wall St legend and the interview is great.  However, there is a section I disagree with so I thought I would expand my thinking a bit…

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Pick The Title For My Next Book!

Ok, I updated this with the original feedback…let me know what you think! Some funny non winners at the bottom… Create your own user feedback survey The non winners: Robin Hood Investing: Stealing the Best Stock Ideas Without Paying 2 and 20 How I became…

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Timing the Markets with Value and Trend

I like Five Thirty Eight.  Their data driven approach certainly appeals like a quant to me.  However, like many people out there, when they apply their logic to the stock market things start to go a little screwy.  They posted a piece titled :”Worried About…

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Your Buy and Hold Allocation Doesn’t Matter

Not sure why I didn’t include this chart in my Global Asset Allocation book, but below is the basic return/vol chart.  It demonstrates how clustered the returns are.  If you exclude the permanent portfolio (high cash), they are all within 1 percentage point of each…

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Blog Redesign

I am told I need to do a blog redesign to make my website “mobile friendly”.  Since they are going to have to recode it anyway, is there anything you would like to see added or changed?  Suggestions?  

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