What Are You Earning On Your Savings Account? (Do You Even Know?)

For those of you with a Cambria Trinity account partnered with Betterment, some exciting news!

Betterment recently announced Betterment Everyday, a savings account that earns up to 2.69% APY with up to $1mm in FDIC protection. Betterment Everyday Savings has no fees on the savings account balance.

Betterment will soon be adding Checking too, where debit card ATM fees are reimbursed worldwide, with no account fees, overdraft fees, or minimum balances. (You can sign up for early access to Checking here which boosts the savings rate from 2.43% to 2.69%.)

I’m not sure what most of you are earning on your savings accounts, but my guess is it’s not 2.69%!

If you would like to join hundreds of other investors with a Trinity account at Betterment, you can get started here.

We hope everyone is having a great summer!