Are You Listening Barclays?

Users get a bit creative with their ETF ideas. . .

A few days ago I penned a column on ETFs that I would like to see hit the marketplace. My list is below, followed by all of the reader suggestions. One of the more unique user suggestions was disease categories (Diabetes, Heart Disease):

My original list

1. Foreign Small Cap
2. Foreign Bonds, Emerging Bonds
3. Municipal Bonds
4. Russia
5. Convertible Arbitrage
6. Value Hedge Fund of Funds (tracking the 13Fs)
7. Activist Fund of Funds (ditto)
8. Dogs of the Dow with Net Payout Yield (Wisdom Tree but with Payout Yield weighted instead of dividend yield)
9. U.S. Listed Hedge Funds and FOFs

Reader Suggestions:
1. Emerging markets non-free (all the countries that cannot exchange local currency for dollars like Sudan and Iran).
2. Timber
3. Individual commodities ala LSE
4. Disease (Diabetes, etc)
5. Country ETF’s by market cap, style
6. Emerging Value, Small Cap
7. Emerging Real Estate
8. Lots of individual country suggestions (Vietnam)
9. Lots of leveraged suggestions for asset classes (AGG, GSP)