Tilson’s SuperInvestors and More Gender Bending

That’s not your mother, it’s a man, baby! – Austin Powers

After the Journal of Wealth Management decided to change my name to Melanie, another group deemed it necessary to turn me into a woman. I am speaking at the Asset Allocation Summit in London this Summer, and IRC decided to Ms. me on their speaker list. (Sheesh, it’s like no one has heard the name Mebane before. . .)

Whitney Tilson, who runs the Tilson Mutual Funds, the T2 hedge funds, and organizes the Value Investing Congress, is a value disciple. He also tracks the best value hedge funds in a newsletter titled “SuperInvestor Insight” ($200/year). You can read a sample issue here. I have only flipped through the sample issue, but it could be of some benefit.