What I’m Reading

For the bloggers out there, Hitail is a pretty cool app to add to your HTML. It lets you view where your visitors originated from. If it was from a search, it lists the search terms. In the most disturbing news of the day, someone arrived at my site today by searching “Bill Gross moustache”.

After the predictable variants of Meb(ane) Faber and World Beta, the other most popular terms are:

Blue Ridge Capital / John Griffin
(there is actually a student reunion tonight that I am missing in NYC – any readers attending?)
The Wolf of Wall Street (Grrrrrr…)
Endowment Investing variants
Maverick Capital / Lee Ainslie

A Life Decoded: My Genome: My Life – Craig Venter’s autobiography is in the mail.

Also just arrived is Quantitative Investment Analysis This is part of the CFA Institute Investment Series, and from the looks of it, a great textbook.

The Complete TurtleTrader: The Legend, the Lessons, the Results I read the Curtis Faith version, now how about the Covel version?

A number of my friends run startups, and the main goal is to not run out of $. Here is a good post that discloses all the costs of a real startup.

Radiohead shakes up the industry with pay whatever you want pricing (I pre-ordered at about $6). I imagine this sales avenue will do very well, as this is the first CD I have purchased in about 5 years. . .

SLM pickings – Sallie Mae (and hedge fund best ideas holding) gets new offer but stands firm.

It makes sense to use different factor models for different groups of stocks.

I once spent a couple weeks driving around the South Island of New Zealand with some buddies in college that were studying abroad – what an amazing country. Hedge fund legend Julian Robertson has built one of the world’s best golf courses there. Even more interesting is that he is holding a $1 million dollar tourney next January.

I’m thinking of joining an angel investing network such as the Keiretsu Forum or Tech Coast Angels. Any readers participate in such networks?