You Spin Me Round

(Quick sidenote – If you are a baseball fan that 5 hour tiebreaker winner goes to the playoffs game last night was unreal. Down 2 in the bottom of the 13th inning against the best closer of all time. . .Go Rockies!)

It must be bad 80’s video day. This song popped immediately to mind when considering the various alternative funds that focus on the previous post topic of cross market momentum.

Honestly, if I were managing one of these funds I would fully disclose my method (props to Trader Vic for doing so in constructing the S&P DTI that the Rydex managed futures fund is based on (RYMFX)).

These are the funds I have found that focus on rotation strategies. Did I leave any out? I do not invest in any of them, and most do not have much historical performance:

FUNDX (Newsletter here), (Fact Sheet here)
Rydex International Rotation Fund (RYFHX), (Fact Sheet here)
Rydex Sector Rotation Fund (RYSRX), (Fact Sheet here)
DWA Technical Leaders (PDP), (Fact Sheet here)
DWA Balanced (DWAFX, DWAFX), (Fact Sheet here)
VL Industry Rotation (PYH) (Fact Sheet here)
VL Timeliness (PIV) (Fact Sheet here)
Claymore/Zack’s Country Rotation (CRO) (Fact Sheet here)
Claymore/Zack’s Sector Rotation (XRO) (Fact Sheet here)
BlackStar (study here)

Anchor Research is another site for those looking for rotation and timing research.

PS How long can Kenneth Heebner keep it up? He is up 60% this YTD in his CGMFX fund!