A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

The 13Fs are trickling in, and I will be updating the portfolios shortly. A manager I was interested in checking out is MLF Investments run by Matt Feshbach – one of the most famous short sellers in history. I penned an article about his fund earlier this year titled “A long only short seller that probably wished he was short”.

He holds only four stocks in his fund, and all four have been getting pummeled. I was curious if he had sold out of any, or if he would have ridden them all the way down. With the exception of selling out half of La Z Boy (LZB), he still holds Ambassadors (AMIE) with HALF his fund’s assets. I am almost convinced that he is really short these companies – any readers invest with MLF?

Honestly, they look like four of the prettiest short charts I have ever seen. . .