Adooga and the Christmas Price Index

Cool new site – Adooga. Maybe I’ll start a contest to redo my blog design.

PNC Wealth Management tracks the PNC Christmas Price Index. Not surprisingly, it is up 4% from last year:

For 23 years, PNC has calculated the cost of the items in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” if purchased at current prices. Over the years, trends have emerged and the Christmas Price Index has often increased or decreased at a rate consistent with the other CPI- the Consumer Price Index, a widely followed measure of inflation produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. From the Partridge to the Drummers, it’s a fun way for children and adults to learn about the economy.

Chart from their site:

300 miles to the gallon? Should be able to buy an Aptera by the end of 2008. Although if I had the money, I think the Tesla would be pretty sweet.

Disparity in hedge fund index returns

and lots more from the Edhec conference.

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BioShock takes game of the year at the Video Game Awards – if I were a gamer this would be right up my alley. . .

Betting on the Rose Bowl? Better take a look at the Beef Bowl first:

The Lawry’s Beef Bowl, which has been going on for more than 50 years, gives each team a chance to tackle slabs of prime rib. Last season the University of Michigan team consumed 612 pounds of prime rib. And although the Wolverines did not win the game, bowl officials say the winner of the “Beef Bowl” wins the Rose Bowl 70 percent of the time.