Super Bowl Reads

The biggest benefit to writing this blog is getting to interact with readers from all over the world (so far readers from 147 countries). If you enjoy the blog please pass it along to your friends and associates, and continue to email in links and papers! Top ten countries of reader origin:


Syrians and Nicaraguans spend the most time on the site per user.


Bespoke is definitely in my top 5 favorite blogs. They posted the other day the top 10 worst January performances for the S&P and Nasdaq (worst ever for Naz). I posted in mid-month a strategy for responding to worst month returns in asset classes, and it makes sense to me to pick up some calls on the Naz or EFA/EEM for a two month hold starting in March.


Last August I wrote about some mutual funds with the longest record of positive performance years. The king was T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation (PRWCX), which had its first losing year after 17 consecutive winning years in 2007! The two next longest were Gabelli ABC (GABCX) and First Eagle (SGOVX) – and both had a negative ’07 after 13 positive years.

Leave a comment if you know the current streak leader. . .

Here is the original Kiplinger’s article.

Moneyball for hoops (nod to reader CC).


If any of the aggregators were smarter they would adopt the business model of ValueInvestingNews.

Here is the solution to the Japanese IQ Test if you couldn’t figure it out. . .


Why am I never around when everyone takes their pants off?

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