Fund Manager Profiles

I was making a list of books that profile fund managers – are there any that I am missing?

Books below are reader links:

  • Money Masters, The New Money Masters, and Money Masters of Our Time – Train
  • The Global Investor Book of Investing Rules – Jenks
  • Julian Robertson – Strachman
  • Hedgehogging – Barton Biggs
  • When Supertraders Meet Kryptonite -Art Collins
  • New Market Mavericks-Cutmore
  • Investing With Young Guns-Morton
  • The Best:Conversations With Top Traders-Marder
  • Investment All Stars-Stern
  • Confessions of a Street Addict-Cramer
  • Education of a Speculator-Niederhoffer
  • The Mind of Wall Street-Levy
  • John Neff on Investing-Neff
  • The Lion of Wall Street-Dreyfus
  • Trading the Worlds Markets-Gough
  • Value Investing with the Masters-Kazanjian
  • Wizards of Wall Street-Kazanjian
  • The Bond King-Middleton
  • Pit Bull – Martin Schwartz
  • John Neff on Investing – Neff and Mintz
  • Running Money by Andy Kessler
  • Barnard Baruch – The Adventures of a Wall St Legend
  • Charlie D – The Story of the Legendary Bond Trader – William Falloon
  • Education of a Speculator – Vic Niederhoffer
  • What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars – Jim Paul & Brendan Moynihan