Book Reviews

I have no problem with negative book reviews, but book reviews where they clearly did not read the book (and still took time to criticize it) drive me nuts. If you read the entire book, go leave a review! (1-5 stars doesn’t matter to me as long as you read it.)

The most recent review on Amazon (my bolding, and btw what is a loosing method?):

I got my copy from the library. The best part of this book is thinking you will be successful like big endowments. It gives you alot of confidence to be like Harvard or Yale. The author suggests good diversification and recommends a part of the portfolio with commodity plays like the etf DBC and foreign investing. However it is still very much a buy and hold type of investing method that is generally not helpful for us little guys. We need to be thinking more trending with stops to prevent serious losses. I would suggest The Perfect Portfolio by Hevner. It has much more practical advice in actively managing funds. The Ivy portfolio is well written, but I think it fails like all of us did during the crash of 08/09. All the big IVY funds had serious losses in 08/09. I don’t think we should be emulating a loosing method.

Although this is still my all-time favorite 1star review:

I ordered this book on April 23rd, today is May 27th and I still have not received it. I have sent many e-mail’s and have not got a response.