ETFs I’d Like to See (Fast Forward Four Years)

Way back in March ’07 I made a list of ETFs I would like to see hit the market.  In the ensuing 4 years nearly all of them have arrived (I crossed out listed hedge funds since the mutual/ETF space is becoming more and more hedge-like).

What funds would you like to see that have not hit the market yet?  I’ll put together my new list and post it to the blog.

The original list is below:

1. Foreign Small Cap
2. Foreign Bonds, Emerging Bonds
3. Municipal Bonds
4. Russia
5. Convertible Arbitrage
6. Value Hedge Fund of Funds (tracking the 13Fs)
7. Activist Fund of Funds (ditto)
8. Dogs of the Dow with Net Payout Yield (Wisdom Tree but with Payout Yield weighted instead of dividend yield)
9. U.S. Listed Hedge Funds and FOFs