Hedge Fund Letters

I started the website Hedge Fund Letters awhile back because I wanted to archive and read a bunch of manager letters…There is no central respository for letters from Soros, Robertson, Cohen, and Klarman.  I love reading these letters and find it a shame that they could eventually be lost over time.

Originally I ran the site anonymously since I didn’t want to draw the ire of any managers (read our policy here where we agree to take down any papers if managers want us to), but found out the managers either a) don’t care, or b) like having their letters up there. (Although only one manager ever asked us to take down their historical numbers then strangely asked us to update our broken links a few months later.)

I quickly realized I don’t have the time to constantly update it (a friend does a lot of the thankless heavy lifting currently).  Was considering opening it up Wiki style to the public to update.

What do you think I should do with the site?  Does anyone want to take ownership of it?