Endowment Fund Performance (cont.)

As usual, I’ll update performance for some of the endowments as the numbers come in.  Below is an update from an earlier post (endowment fiscal year end is June 30th, makes for a tough start to year end 2012)…here is also a fantastic must read from Bogle – The Lessons of History. ( I was considering titling this post “The Revenge of 60/40” in reference to an old post from 2009).

I wrote a month ago that the endowments and real money funds would face a high hurdle this past year (ending June 30th), and it looks like at least the initial numbers are pretty good.

60/40:  18.33%

Ivy buy and hold allocation from book:  24.27%

Dook: 25%

Columbia 23.6%

Stanford:  22%

Yale 22%

Harvard: 21%

Cornell 20%

Penn 19%

MIT: 18%

Bloomberg:  ” Endowments and foundations gained an average of 20 percent in the year ended June 30, their best performance in 14 years, according to consultant Wilshire Associates Inc.”