New ETF Suggestions

I got a lot of interesting ETF suggestions from readers over the weekend and this week.  Below is a list of some of the more interesting responses – I’m omitting the few that we plan on persuing as to not give the competition any sort of runway.

Some are improbable, others are great ideas, while some totally unnecessary…but keep the ideas coming!

US Nickel Arb ETF –  Long U.S. nickels (that hedge fundie Kyle Bass concludes are worth $.068 each) and short nickel futures. Tongue-in-cheek as this is pure LP strategy land…not really sure what he plans to do with them as it is illegal to melt them down…

Housing (and other illiquid assets like Timber/PE/Art) ETF –  Would be great but the futures never worked out for volume…not sure how it would be structured otherwise…ETNs seem to be gaining in popularity at least until we have another Lehman.

Gold Coin ETF –  Consisting of PCGS-graded MS 64 and above gold coins, US double eagles.

Macro Rotation/CTA ETF – Still shocked there isn’t more managed futures ETFs, but I guess 2/20 hard to give up.

Mean Reversion/Contrarian Macro ETF – One that exists in the equity space currently, none really in macro space.

-Closed End Fund Arb ETF – Buys CEFs at discount and hedges it out with shorts.

Non-US High Yield, Corporate, and Junk ETFs

13F Tracking ETFs

-Tail Risk / Black Swan ETF – Universa is launching one at a whopping 1.5%, but I haven’t heard much more about it lately…

Put Write ETF – Fund that writes uncovered puts on various indexes (ie similar to CBOE S&P Index)