Well That Was A Surprise…

I don’t pretend to have the same preferences as my audience, and that is why I often ask questions and poll the readership.  If you  remember back to 2008 I had a design contest for the book cover and let users pick the winner and eventual cover.  Much to my surprise, the cover I like received about 5% of the vote and the winner, well, is now the cover.

My last two polls asked a question about what content you want to see and where.  The vast majority of you want to read strategic and tactical investment content, and shocking to me, most of you want to read it online or as a PDF by a 2:1 margin.

Personally I can’t think of anything worse than trying to read a 200 or 300 page piece online or as a PDF but that is why I asked.  Then again, my iPad and Kindle are both mostly used as paperweights and only for long trips.  Kindle and hardcover were both represented with much lower votes.  I’ll post a chart after a few days when all of the votes are counted.

I could see the content possibly coming out in one of all of the formats but will have to marinate on it a bit more.

Link to survey here if you have not voted…

(Below is the cover I liked most!  Awful in retrospect….)