New Book

After viewing the responses to our last survey, we have decided to update a few of our white papers and expand upon them.  The biggest question I have is, “How do you want to read long form content?”.  Since this update will likely be somewhere between 50-300 pages, I would like to poll the readership as to your preferred viewing method.  Vote below, as it will have a material impact on how we deliver the content come January…

I will probably wait until year end to include 2011 data, but I envision:


-To A Quantitative Approach To Tactical Asset Allocation and Relative Strength Strategies for Investing.

-Include 2009-2011 data.

-Include more data on long/short portfolios.

-Include more data on combining the two portfolios (ie a momentum rotation with timing component).


All new material:

-Additionally include many more asset classes than the original five such as currencies, small cap stocks, emerging market stocks, foreign bonds, corporate bonds, gold, etc.

-Include alternative indexing strategies.

-Include various allocations, ie more and less aggressive (40-80% in bonds), risk parity etc.

-Include popular guru allocations such as permanent portfolio, endowment, Arnott, etc.

-Include alternative cash management strategies.

-Possibly include chapters on fundamental factors.


This is your chance to pipe up about what you would like to see included…so vote below and/or email me suggestions.  If you want to see the material available on more than one device/location vote for more than one choice…