Enhanced Dividends, The Hunt for New Asset Classes, and Rose/Kahneman

There are very few asset classes that are truly non-correlated to a traditional portfolio.  (There are active strategies but that is a bit different.)

I think Lending Club is an interesting example for an asset class that is hard to commoditized as a public fund – consumer credit.  I allocated $50 worth of notes a few years ago, and then promptly forgot about it.  Low and behold I am sitting on a fat 12.5% gain, ha.  Anyways, they started a RIA with private funds and separate accounts.  I think a public fund would be difficult with the exception of a closed end fund.  Anything else that would be similar?


Interview with Kahneman, HT RR:


Great piece “Stocks, Bonds, and the Efficacy of Global Dividends” (PDF and PPT) from OSAM.  Highly recommend both…having a hard time pasting the graphics but worth a read.