Baupost, Tiger, Buffett Two Years Later

I did a series of articles for Forbes in 2010 highlighting the 13F investment approach and demonstrating a few solid managers.  Below are links to the articles and the resulting stock portfolio performance. Biggest winners were THRX (105%, Klarman) and AAPL (123%, 132%, Tiger Cubs).  Worst was ENZN (Baupost, -26%, -34%).  Article with real time performance from Ivy book – 7% alpha.

Grab a Tiger by the Tail

Portfolio:  42%

S&P 500:  17%


How to Ride Seth Klarman’s Coattails

Portfolio:  43%

S&P 500:  23%


Piggyback Buys

Portfolio 1:  19%

Portfolio 2:  50%

S&P 500:  23%