The 9 Hedge Funds That Really Like Apple (AAPL)

Apple is up about 74% in 2012, which is not bad considering that performance follows years of 26%,  53%, and 147% the prior three years.  This stock has made careers for a number of fund managers.

Will it continue?  Research from Rob Arnott suggests it is certainly challenging for the largest company in a sector or market (Apple is both) to keep up the momentum.

Below are the nine hedge funds where Apple (AAPL) represents the highest % of their long stock holdings according to the most recent 13F (HT: RM, via AlphaClone):

Raiff Partners Inc. 28.1%

Coatue Management 16.7%

Greenlight Capital 13.9%

Tiger Global Management 13.5%

JAT Capital Management 12.7%

Tiger Veda Management 11.6%

Appaloosa Management 11.5%

Kleinheinz Capital Partners 10.9%

Kingdon Capital Management 10.5%