A Legend Passes

For those young folks newer to the markets you may not have heard of the professor/money manager/newsletter writer Marty Zweig.  He sadly passed away yesterday (I had no idea he was 70).  

He is one of the all time greats, a professor that pioneered the trend into also managing money (also sadly, Bob Haugen also passed recently).  That is commonplace now with DFA, LSV, AQR etc but relatively rare back in the day.  He blended technicals, fundamentals, and sentiment in his newsletters and two books Winning on Wall Street and Winning With New IRAs. (The latter I noticed was still on my bookshelf at home in CO last trip over the holidays.)

His stock screening methodology (a nice blend of grwoth, value, and momentum) is often replicated on sites such as AAII (since 1998 19% vs. 3% SP) and Validea (since 2003 8% vs. 4.5% SP) with very strong performance. 

RIP, Martin Zweig.  (BloombergMark HulbertClusterstock) via Abnormal Returns