Cloning a Cloner (Pabrai Version)

I was watching this Pabrai video below when I saw an interesting slide below that mentioned cannibals (stock buybacks) as well as cloning (following other successful investors).  Tracking his portfolio through 13Fs would have beaten the market by over 7% a year since 2004, not bad!  Though you would have had to sit through a whopping 77% drawdown…ouch. (Source AlphaClone)

I used to have all of Pabrai’s letters on hedgefundletters but he emailed over and asked to take them down.

His top current holdings include BAC, C, GM, CHK, GS, ZINC.  (Via @GSpier)

PS I am unsure what is going on in the photo near the end with Buffett. In Indian culture you touch someone’s feet to take their blessings…