Sniffing For Stocks

I had not seen this newish offering until they emailed me recently – the Bloodhound System.  It is a quant stock screener/backtester in the same style as Portfolio123.  It has data back to the late 1980s cobbled together from a number of sources like Thompson, Reuters, and Compustat- best of all it is point in time.  Costs range from $500 – $3500, and they have preset screens with all the usual suspects like Buffett, Zweig, and Graham.

I asked them to create a simulation for fun combining dividends, buybacks, and debt paydown to see if it was in the same ballpark as our tests, and it was very similar.  Nice outperformance of about 5% per year.  

They also have a free trial with limited functionality, and also a blog here.  Probably worth checking it out…