ETF Contest Winners (and non-Winners)

I had a lot of fun receiving ideas for my little ETF Contest.  We received over 200 submissions.  They included everything from the absurd, to impossible, to hilarious, to already filed, to actually a few pretty good ideas.  Below are the ideas that are non-winners and already filed funds.  I imagine some of the non-winners are already funds or are filed but I am not familiar with them.  It is good to see there is still a lot of innovation going on – including a robotics ETF that just launched recently.  

I included a brief description if the fund concept was not clear from the name…We withheld a few I consider to be reasonable enough to think a little more about.

(Will send out the free Idea Farm winners an email this wknd…)

Entries in alphabetical order… ENJOY!

Already Exist or are Filed

  1. Activist ETF
  2. Automat-Robotics Companies ETF
  3. Business Development Companies ETF
  4. Cattle ETF
  5. Columbia ETF
  6. Covered Calls ETF
  7. Diamond ETF
  8. Emerging Market Corporate Debt ETF
  9. Equally Weighted Emerging Market ETF
  10. Foreign Shareholder Yield ETF
  11. Fracking ETF
  12. Global CAPE ETF
  13. Global Momentum ETF
  14. Natural Gas ETF
  15. PIGS ETF
  16. Risk Parity ETF
  17. S&P 490 (500 – top 10)
  18. Sovereign High Yield ETF
  19. Tail Risk ETF
  20. Uranium ETF
  21. Value and Momentum ETF
  22. Vice ETF


Non Winners

  1. 5x long or 5x short ETFs
  2. Adult Film & Toys ETF 
  3. Anti-Green energy ETF 
  4. Apple Supplier’s ETF
  5. Bad Corporate Management Short ETF- this would be filled with stocks where management have been poor stewards of shareholder capital. Poor acquisitions, waste money on exec perks, and poor all around decisions.
  6. Brand Index ETF
  7. Capital Efficiency Company ETF
  8. Commodity Spreads ETF/ETN – gold/silver, energy crack spread, feeder cattle/live cattle, bean crush, etc.
  9. East Africa ETF
  10. Geothermal stock ETF
  11. Global Engineering Company ETF
  12. Global Exchanges ETF – An ETF that tracks only Exchanges globally not brokers and banks. Not just CME, ICE or NYX, but also BME.MC, DB1.DE, BOLSAA.MX and so on. 
  13. Inverse 3X ETF Market – Shorts all the 3X ETFs.
  14. Iran ETF
  15. Lumber ETF
  16. Micro loan ETF
  17. Momentum ETF – rebalanced monthly.
  18. Non-durable Goods ETF – An ETF linked directly to companies involved in very short-term non-durable goods (perishable goods) like fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. These products have a very fast response to inflation, demographic trends and income. 
  19. Obamacare Failure ETF – An ETF that includes the 50 businesses that will benefit most by Obamacare failing to be implemented.
  20. Owner-operator ETF- This ETF would have companies where the execs have a large percent ownership in the company. 
  21. Palm Beach Real Estate ETF
  22. Political Return ETF – This ETF would be filled with the top holdings of our esteemed congressmen.
  23. Recession ETF- these stocks would do well in a recession, or at least outperform the market.
  24. Sharia Law compliant ETF
  25. Single Family homes REIT ETF
  26. Sovereign Wealth ETF
  27. Sports betting strategy ETF
  28. Sports Franchises ETF
  29. Tiki Time ETF – An ETF that includes at least 50 businesses engaged in the resurgence of tiki drinks. This includes Alcohol companies (especially Rum), agriculture (sugarcane/molasses), restaurants, art galleries, and any other businesses benefiting from the craze.  
  30. Too Big to Fail ETF- This ETF would be filled with companies which are too big to fail. 
  31. Unemployment Rate ETN