9% Alpha with Munger and Van Gogh

I’ve done this post every year since Ivy Portfolio came out (you can see last years longer post here).  I’ll let you read the old ones if you want, but needless to say it was another banner year for 13F tracking.  The average fund that we published in our book beat the S&P by 12 percentage points.  (HT AlphaClone, top 10 holdings equal weighted.)

So, for the 13F detractors out there, this is now 5 years of out of sample performance.  4/5 years the portfolio beat the S&P.  Total outperformance?  9% per year.  That’ is monster outperformance!

2013 stats – zero negative funds (no surprise with the S&P up 30%+) though ESL and Pershing Square were the two worst.  Some monster years out of Cannell, Second Curve, King Street, and Brave Warrior.

And if you still don’t believe me, there are a few 13F ETF trackers out there doing a fine job as well…