The Best Investment Newsletter Out There

For those that are not familiar, I run an email service called The Idea Farm.  The goal is simple: sort through the flood of white papers, books, investment newsletters, and general noise to find the 1 or 2 best ideas or research pieces each week.  Honestly, I think the two pieces I mailed out this week have been worth the price of subscription alone.

Starting at the end of the year I’m going to raise the price (a lot) to try and keep the list small, but anyone subscribing prior to January 1 will be grandfathered in at the current rate, forever.  What you receive:

> 1-3 emails per week with the best investment research.  Some weeks zero, some more than 3.

> Free copies of all of my current and future books

> Excel backtester for testing asset allocations and tactical portfolios (will update in January)

> Quarterly country stock valuation updates across CAPE and other metrics

> Hedge fund profiles of my favorite 30 hedge funds to track with stock picks

>Access to all of the archives, updating quarterly

And maybe a sneak peak at the below graphic…The Idea Farm

Poker Table (2)