Million Dollar Fintech Ideas

Years ago I wrote about a number of great fintech ideas no one was tackling.  It is great to see people working on all of them!

As an example, I was excited to see Wes build out his tools section of Alpha Architect.  Want to backtest moving average rules on a global portfolio?  No problem:




A summary of some of the various with new firms listed…missing any?

1 – Public Alts newsletter

2 – Quant Backtester

3 – Tax Harvesting

4 –  Investment research boutique focused on private crowdfunded companies

5 – Investment newsletter focused on Best Ideas

6.  Rukeyser Reborn – Barry Ritholtz is in the lead here with an excellent Bloomberg podcast.  Atlucher is great with a slightly different angle.  

7. 2.0 – Yahoo Finance, BusinessInsider, and TalkMarkets seem to be the leaders here.