New Podcast Coming

I just got back from giving a couple talks in Arizona and Florida and decided it is finally time to do a podcast.  So, the big question remains, what is the right format?  Ritholtz and Covel and Ferriss already do a great job of interviews so I would likely avoid that for awhile (though may add in the future).

It would mainly focus on similar topics as the blog but with more context.  So, investment research and ideas and less so financial or estate planning.  I get about a dozen questions every day from readers, often the same ones, so would likely do a “mailbag” of five or so questions at the end of each episode.

I’m debating between a radio style show where I sit down and chat for 30 mins, perhaps with a co-host, and one that is video based.  The challenge with the audio only is that you lose the visuals that are often so helpful in understanding investment analysis.  But, audio production is much easier than video and a lot of people listen to the audio only – so will they lose out on the whole point by not seeing a bunch of charts?

Anyways, feedback is encouraged and I ask you a few main questions below to help us get started…stay tuned!

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