Which ETF Would You Like To See Next?

I often ask my audience questions since their beliefs and preferences differ vastly from my own.  All of our book covers have been crowdsourced since I have no design ability whatsoever, and we even had a fun contest for the upcoming podcast name.  (While we’ll likely go with The Meb Faber Show, though some funny responses included:  Call me Mebby, Highway to the Faberzone, The World Wide Meb, Fabermetrics, and The Mebcast.)

Because rules prohibit me from asking my audience what they would like to see offered next with specific references to actual funds, I cannot discuss our upcoming ETF launches with you.  I can, however, discuss concepts and ideas, so, which of the following concept would you like to see launched as an ETF next?

  • A Managed Futures style ETF that will take long or short positions in futures contracts or other derivatives tied to commodities, currencies, equities and fixed-income securities. The fund’s strategy will rely on trend following to exploit market moves.
  • A Tail Risk syle ETF that will invest in cash, U.S. government bonds and the ETFs that invest in such bonds while implementing a put option strategy to hedge away the risk of a steep market decline.
  • An Omaha style ETF, will seek to hold equities that are also held with high conviction by leading institutional investors, as determined by public filings.
  • A Trendfollowing style ETF, similar to the moderate strategy presented in our old white paper.
  • Currency Strategy style ETF that is a long short approach to global currencies based on traditional factors of trend, value, and interest rates.

And similar to a global asset allocation fund that invests in other ETFs and doesn’t charge a management fee, the two below would be investable benchmark style ideas that invest more, and less, in bonds:

  • A Risk Parity style ETF that will invest in other ETFs that target global stocks, global bonds and real assets. It will use derivatives to achieve diversified 150% exposure to its holdings.
  • An Endowment and Family Office style ETF that will invest in other ETFs that target global stocks, global bonds and real assets.


What do you think?  You can vote for more than one option:

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