Best Investment Writing Vol III

For the past couple years we’ve curated a “Best Investment Writing” compilation.

Vol I

Vol II

It’s been a fun passion project, but for the most part not a lot of people read it. That’s fine as we went into it knowing our audience of high level finance is by definition pretty small. The good news is we donated all the proceeds to charity (and will continue to do so as the checks come in).

As an aside I asked the authors if they wanted to read their chapter and I’d publish it to the podcast as an audio extra. Well, the suprise was that people LOVED that option. Which, is not surprising since it’s free and convenient. But the funny part is it also gives the author 10x the number of listens vs the books.

So, in this day and age where the competition for your focus is literally everything, from Fortnite to Netflix, we thought we’d do Vol III a little different. (This is also a topic we examined in our recent piece “Nobody Wants to Invest in Your Shit“.)

So this year we’re going to once again compile all the best writing from last year. Except instead of spending the 100s of hours and $ into compiling a book, we’re going to publish the chapters to the podcast.

If we, or the host, finds a sponsor for that episode we’ll donate the proceeds to charity – which should also be 10x the value to the charities.

So, here’s where you come in! Once again we poll the community for the single best piece of investment writing you read in 2018….let’s hear it!