Episode #380: Top Podcasts 2021 – Replay: Jeremy Grantham, Chris Cole, Jeff Seder

Episode #380: Top Podcasts of 2021 – Replay: Jeremy Grantham, Chris Cole, Jeff Seder


Guests: Episode 380 is a replay of The Meb Faber Show’s top podcasts of 2021. Guests include Jeremy Grantham, Chris Cole & Jeff Seder.

Run-Time: 3:34:33

Summary: At 2:53, hear Jeremy Grantham put this market in historical context, share where he sees value, and discusses why he’s so bullish on venture capital.

Next, at 1:21:53, listen to Chris Cole cover the optimal portfolio to help you grow and protect your wealth for the next 100 years.

Finally, at 2:42:31, hear Jeff Seder share the fascinating story of how he used a quantitative approach to discover 2015 Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah.

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