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Earning 20% from the Beach, & My Presentation From Wine Country

I was giving a speech in the Bahamas (I know, I know, kind of ridiculous), and the nite before the talk was watching the original Die Hard.  For the 1% that have never seen the movie, there is a scene where the bad guy is talking about stealing $600M in bonds and living out his life on the beach, collecting 20% interest.  In addition to being a criminal mastermind, that would have been one of the all time best trades ever…

My point, of course, is just how different the investment opportunity set was when the movie came out vs. now.  Note you don’t see any movies about bad guys stealing a bunch of US TBills anymore!

Transcript and clip below, followed by my recent talk at the Wine Country Conference. (Thanks to all my Tweeps for finding the video and quote…)

Hans Gruber: When they touch down, we’ll blow the roof, they’ll spend a month sifting through rubble, and by the time they figure out what went wrong, we’ll be sitting on a beach, earning twenty percent.” 




Here is a 45 minute speech to the Wine Country Conference.  Consider donating to this year’s cause, the Autism Society of America…



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