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The Problem with Buybacks

Valuewalk has a nice mention of a new recent report from Goldman on buybacks (US Thematic Views, Oct 7th will update with attachment if they give me permission).   In the report Goldman demonstrates how focusing on total cash distributions to shareholders has performed better than…

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Webinar Tomorrow

Tune in and ask some questions!    THURSDAY, October 24, 2013 10:00 AM EST, 3:00PM BST Accepted for 1 hour CFA® credit. 

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The Stock Market Time Machine

You often see claims in ads about unbelievable returns in the markets.  Even though markets have only returned about 5-10% per annum historically, you see claims of 20,30,sometimes 50% per year.  (Or if , you read ads like one I saw this morning on a…

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What’s in Store for Year End?

One of the benefits of having written 1,400 articles on a blog is you can go back and revisit them.  (and often cringe!) Below is a fun one we did a few years ago…we are now at the end of Year 1…the next six months…

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ETF Contest

I enjoyed hearing one of the top three ETF issuers mention all the ETFs that needed to be launched have been launched.  So, with that theme, I’m having a little contest inspired by Horizons ETFs in Canada. It’s simple:  email in your top ETF ideas…

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The Dividend Challenge

I was giving a talk the other week in Chicago and one audience member asked me what was my biggest concern in the markets.  I responded that it was high yield stocks in the US.  I am finishing up a longer piece that should be…

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