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Is the S&P 500 at All Time Highs?

If I asked you if US stocks were at all time highs, what would you say?  Yes?  No? What if they are both right? Lots of disinformation spilling around out there.  Below are four series.   S&P 500 Price Return S&P 500 Total Return (including…

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What Premium Looks Like

Some have expressed confusion as to the format of premium, so below is a demonstration.  I’m going to do CAPE updates tomorrow then do a 10 part QTAA series for the 2013 paper update next week.  Email in any questions or thoughts… First, a summary:…

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Upcoming Travel and Idea Events

Below are a few interesting events in the next few months, I starred the ones that I will be attending for sure (including SF next week and NYC the following) if anyone wants to meetup.  Although hoping to attend all if possible! *Wine Retreat, Sonoma,…

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Cloning a Cloner (Pabrai Version)

I was watching this Pabrai video below when I saw an interesting slide below that mentioned cannibals (stock buybacks) as well as cloning (following other successful investors).  Tracking his portfolio through 13Fs would have beaten the market by over 7% a year since 2004, not…

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Sniffing For Stocks

I had not seen this newish offering until they emailed me recently – the Bloodhound System.  It is a quant stock screener/backtester in the same style as Portfolio123.  It has data back to the late 1980s cobbled together from a number of sources like Thompson,…

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Stocks and Valuations

Nice article by USA Today on the number of stocks listed declining over the years.  Did you know there are only 3700 stocks in the Wilshire 5000?   I am surprised this doesn’t have much of an effect on market cap / GDP but guess…

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