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Free Data Sources

Every day I receive a slew of emails asking about historical data.  While I use Global Financial Data ($), below are some resources for free and paid historical data.  If you are close to a B-School you can probably access a lot of the paid for free…

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Activist Investing – 9 Stocks They’re Buying

Quartz had a fun profile of some activist investors recently.  The profiled best friends Ackman, Icahn, and Loeb in addition to Greenlight, Trian, Jana, Elliott, Starboard, ValueAct, and Relational.   I thought it would be instructive to take a look at a portfolio of these funds…

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Mebane Faber Research Premium Launches!

It has taken me awhile longer to finally get the technology working here, but I think we are all set. If you want to go ahead and signup for the premium version of the blog here is the link.   Future posts will have the WSJ…

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Low Nominal, Normal Real

I forgot to add these longer series on yields back to 1900 to our post the other day on real and nominal yields, so here you go.    

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The End of the Middleman

“I look at where the music industry is now and it’s not helping me so I’ve learned to exist without it!” Replace every “music industry” phrase with “(high fee) financial industry” and you begin to understand.  Phenomenal post by @jaltucher As you all know I’m self…

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Silliness In Cyprus

There is a lot of silliness going on across the Atlantic with Cyprus and their bank deposit seizure plan.  (For those that haven’t heard here is a brief summary: “In exchange for €10 billion ($13 billion) in rescue money, creditors would impose a one-time tax…

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