Tax Time – Unclaimed Property

Update: Largest single claim so far : $10,000, total claimed:  $~$15,000-$20,000

As tax season rolls around, most people are busy trying to figure out how much they owe the government.  Most people don’t know that their (state) goverments likely are holding on to some of their cash as well (running total around $30 billion).  Did you know there is a website where you can go to search for unclaimed assets?  It is usually something simple related to moving (utility company owes you money) or relatives passing away (and forgot about those 1,000 shares of GE ).  I had a friend claim $10k once, but most are smaller amounts.

Goto the NAUPA site here and start your search!

Report back if you find some lost assets and I’ll post the total found on the blog as well as the biggest.

Unfortunately for me I have three claims only worth a combined $2.