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Venture Capital & Angel Investing

Episode #69: Jason Calacanis, “This Is A Little, Secret Way… A Dark Art Of Becoming Truly Wealthy… Massive Wealth”

Episode #78: Alex Rubalcava, “If You’re Going To Be An Angel Investor… You Have To Be Devoting Significant Time To It”

Episode #84: Howard Lindzon, “I Think There’s So Many Ways The Markets Are Rigged That I Think It’s Best To Just Follow Along The Trends”

Episode #90: Dan Rasmussen, “The Crown Jewel Of The Alternative Universe Is Private Equity”

Episode #97: Phil Nadel, “If You Try To Pick Winners, And You Only Invest In A Handful Of Companies, Odds Are You’re Going To Lose Your Money”

Episode #122: Phil Haslett, “It’s a Place to Connect Interested Buyers and Interested Sellers…in Late-Stage, Pre-IPO Tech Shares”

Episode #123: Fabrice Grinda, “We’re Still at the Very Beginning of the Tech Revolution… We Are Day One”

Episode #146: Neil Littman, “The More Risk You Kill, Inherently, The More Value You Create”

Episode #149: Phil Haslett, “Lyft’s Doing $2 Billion Dollars A Year In Revenue, And It’s Growing That Revenue 105% A Year. There Are Only 8 Companies Listed On The Stock Exchange In The U.S. With That Kind Of Profile”

Episode #173: Tom Williams, “I Want To Be That First Call In The Darkest Of Days”

Episode #177: Alex Rubalcava, “We Want To Help Build Companies That Are Solving Hard Problems That Matter”

Episode #196: Minnie Ingersoll, “I Do Believe That Innovation In Our Country Is The Huge Bright Spot”

Episode #199: Peter Livingston, “All My Best Investments Were The Ones I Couldn’t Get Anyone Else To Do”

Founder Series

Episode #151: Divya Narendra, “Valuation Is Probably The Most Critical Component Of SumZero’s Thesis”

Episode #164: Jake Shapiro, “It’s This Incredibly Engaging, Highly Effective Medium For Really Valuable Listening”

Episode #198: Rabi Gupta and Satwick Saxena, “EvaBot Is…A Gifting Assistant…It Makes It Easy For Businesses to Send Gifts”

Episode #203: Sanchal Ranjan, “We Give You A Different Lifestyle To Work And Play”

Episode #204: Doug Hapeman and Matt Milford, “We Have This Vision Of Recreating Mental Healthcare With Technology To Make People Happier and Healthier”

Episode #207: Jeremy Yamaguchi, “It’s…One Of The Last Markets In The US…That Has Been…Resistant To Technology”

Wealth Management & Personal Finance

Episode 19: Jonathan Clements, “If Money Can Buy Happiness, Then Why Doesn’t It?” “Because People Don’t Spend It Right.”

Episode 47: Ric Edelman: “47% Of The Occupations In America Will Be Gone Within 15 Years”

Episode #60: William Bernstein, “The More Comfortable You Are Buying Something, In General, The Worse The Investment It’s Going To Be”

Episode #62: Ron Lieber, “We’re Not Having The Right Kinds Of Conversations With Our Kids About (Money)”

Episode #73: Jeff Porter & Barbara Schelhorn, “Why Financial Planning? Because Investing Alone Won’t Get You There “

Episode #75: Michael McDaniel, “One Of The Biggest Conditions That Will Lead To Success Is Simply Being Invested”

Episode #76: Phil DeMuth, “Nothing In My Global Outlook Is Telling Me It’s Time To Pull Up The Anchor And Set Sail”

Episode #92: Andrew Tobias, “There Are Just A Few Things You Really Need To Know About Investing, And They Don’t Ever Change”

Episode #101:Episode #101: Paul Merriman, “The People That Have Come Out Ahead Are the People Who Have Put Their Trust in the System Over the Long-Term”

Episode #117: Steve Lockshin, “We Think the Estate and Tax Planning Levers are the Most Important Levers to Push on for Clients”

Episode #115: Steve Glickman, Opportunity Zones: “Ultimately, If You Hold for…10 Years or More…You Don’t Pay Any New Capital Gains – Ever”

Episode #143: David Eifrig, “Most People Run Losses Into The Ground”

Episode #156: Steve Glickman, “I Think There’s A Lot Weighing On How Successful We Are At Achieving The Goals Of Opportunity Zones”

Episode #169: Jeremy Jacobson, “We Ended Up Saving Roughly 70% Of After-Tax Income For About 10 Years”

Episode #176: Adam Tkaczuk, “We Think There Is About A 3% Per Year Tax Benefit To This”

Episode #189: John Parise, “70% Of Wealth Is Lost In The 3rd Generation”

Episode #194: Doug McCormick, “I Generally Believe People Underestimate The Duration Of The Time That They Will Be Invested”

Natural Resources & Farmland

Episode #114: David Gladstone, “Farmland Is One of the Most Stable Assets One Can Own”

Episode #161: Brandon Zick, “In Row Crops You’re Generating A Lot Of Current Income”

Episode #186: Carter Malloy, “I Looked At Farmland And Realized…It’s Wildly Inefficient”

Episode #197: Rick Rule, “In Resources You Are Either A Contrarian Or You Are Going To Be A Victim”

Episode #205: Derren Geiger, “E&P Companies Are Doing Whatever They Can To Achieve Cash Flow Neutrality”


Episode #133: Todd Harrison, “Humanity Has Had a 30,000 Year Relationship with Cannabis”

Episode #135: Karan Wadhera, “We’re Still In Very, Very Early Innings For What’s Going To Be An Incredible Ride”

Episode #137: Emily and Morgan Paxhia, “The Growers Who Focused On Creating Efficient Operations Are The Ones That Are Still Around Today”

Episode #139: Taz Turner and Nate Nienhuis, “We’re Really Driving At What We Feel Is The Holy Grail of Cannabis”

Episode #142: Ryan Ansin, “I Don’t Believe That It’s Easy To Back Into Revenue In This Industry, There Are Just A Thousand Things That Can Go Wrong”

Episode #162: Chase Nobles, “I Think Other Ag Industries Are Going To Be Playing Catch Up With What We’ve Learned Through Hemp and Cannabis”

Episode #167: The Cannabis Opportunity

Behavioral Psychology

Episode #54: Elizabeth Dunn, “How Can I Use My Money Most Effectively In Order To Promote My Happiness?”

Episode #105: Olivia Judson, “Life Has Transformed the Planet, Which Has Gone On to Alter the Future Course of Life”

Radio Shows

Episode 10 – Listener Q&A Episode

Episode 16 – Listener Q&A

Episode 20: Listener Q&A

Episode 22: Listener Q&A

Episode 25: Listener Q&A

Episode 30: Listener Q&A

Episode 33: Listener Q&A

Episode 34: Holiday Collection

Episode 36: Listener Q&A

Episode 40: Listener Q&A

Episode 42: Listener Q&A

Episode 50: Radio Show: Faber Spin-Off Executed

Episode #53: Radio Show: Cheapest Countries Right Now For New Dollars

Episode #57: Radio Show: 17 Different Million-Dollar Fintech Ideas

Episode #59: Radio Show: The Death Of Value Investing

Episode #66: Radio Show: U.S. Equities: At What Valuation To Sell?

Episode #70: Radio Show: The 13F Guru Meb Would Follow Today

Episode #71: Radio Show, “How To Outperform One Of Investing’s Most Beloved Strategies”

Episode #72: Radio Show: Investor Sentiment – What Is It Telling Us About This Bull’s Length?

Episode #81: Radio Show: Notes From Meb’s Office Hours – Listeners Are All Making The Same Mistakes

Episode #85: Radio Show: Bitcoin Futures Are Here – What Now?

Episode #91: Radio Show: Meb’s Most Popular Tweet Of All Time… Signs Of The Top… Listener Q&A

Episode #95: Radio Show: The Short-Vol Trade Blows Up… Meb’s Rare Coin Purchases… And Listener Q&A

Episode #99: Episode #99: Radio Show: Meb’s Bullish On Emerging Markets… Strategies For Limited 401K Options… And Listener Q&A

Episode #102: Radio Show: The “Stay Rich” Portfolio… A Senator Wants to Ban Share Repurchases… and Listener Q&A

Episode #108: Radio Show: What’s More Important – Savings or Returns… What Meb’s Doing with U.S. Bonds… and Listener Q&A

Episode #111: Radio Show: Which Portfolio Hedge for This Market?… Is Short-Termism Harming Your Investments?… and Listener Q&A

Episode #118: Radio Show: Record-Setting US Valuations… Emerging Market Opportunities… VC Bad Behavior… and Listener Q&A

Episode #120: Radio Show: Our New Trinity ETF… Egregious Hedge Fund Fees… and R&D Spending is on the Rise

Episode #127: Radio Show: Meb and Elon Musk Talk Shorting… Conflicting U.S. Valuation Indicators… and Listener Q&A

Episode #129: Meb’s Take on Return Expectations, Portfolio Construction, and Practical Market Approaches

Episode #132: Radio Show: Since 1989 80% of Stocks Had a Collective Return of 0%… A Goldman Bear-Market Indicator at Its Highest Point in Decades… and Listener Q&A

Episode #141: Radio Show: 34 of 40 Countries Have Negative 52 Week Momentum…Big Tax Bills for Mutual Fund Investors…and Listener Q&A

Episode #166: Radio Show: Greece and Russia Are Having Monster Years…Geographic Diversification…and Meb’s 401(k)

Episode #181: Radio Show: Zero Trading Commissions…Valuations…And Trend Following

Episode #190: Radio Show: Buying Stocks At All Time Highs…Fund Manager Sentiment…Year End Questions for Advisors and Brokers

Episode #200: Radio Show: Decade End Returns and Valuations…Process vs. Performance…VC Power Laws


Episode 1 – Global Asset Allocation – Investing 101

Episode 3 – Where Are Best Global Values Right Now?

Episode 6 – Three Concepts that Investors Get Wrong
Episode 7 – Playing Defense Against Black Swans

Episode 8 – Starved for Yield

Episode 12 – Why ‘Shareholder Yield’ Beats ‘Dividend Yield’
Episode 13 – Want Buffett’s Returns? Here’s How To Get Them

Episode 15 – The Trinity Portfolio

Episode 24: Learning To Love Investment Bubbles

Episode 43: Learning To Play Offense And Defense

Episode 44: Invest With The House

Episode #86: A Quantitative Approach To Tactical Asset Allocation

Episode #103: The Asset Allocation Pyramid

Episode #145: Cloning The Largest Hedge Fund In The World: Bridgewater’s All Weather

Episode #147: The Stay Rich Portfolio (or, How to Add 2% Yield to Your Savings Account)

Episode #175: The Biggest Valuation Spread In 40 Years?

Episode #178: Nobody Wants To Invest In Your Sh*t

Episode #184: You Could Have Missed…

Episode #201: The Case For Global Investing

Episode #206: Meb’s take on Investment Plans, Building and Maintaining Wealth, How Meb Invests, and Investing in the time of Corona

Real Estate

Episode 32: Brew And Brett Of PeerStreet, “We Have Long-Term Aspirations Of Disrupting The Entire Mortgage Finance And Securitization Market”

Episode #63: Gary Beasley And Gregor Watson, “We’re Trying To Really Change The Way People Invest In Real Estate”

Episode #96: Craig Leupold & Jim Sullivan, “From A Commercial Property Standpoint, We See Values Drifting Sideways Over The Next 12 Months”


Episode 48: Van Simmons, “The Rare Coin Market Can Go Up Dramatically, Quickly”

Sports Betting

Episode 38: EVBettor, “Special Super Bowl Show: It’s Higher-Stakes Poker Is What You’re Playing”

Investing (Mostly Stocks)

Episode 2 – Patrick O’Shaughnessy – An Unexpected Drop-in from Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Episode 4 – Wes Gray – “Even God Would Get Fired as an Active Investor”

Episode 11 – Sam Stovall “The Seven Rules of Wall St.”

Episode 26: Jeremy Schwartz, “You Should Be Hedged A Lot More Than You Are”

Episode 28: Larry Swedroe “There is Literally No Logical Reason for Anyone to Have a Preference for Dividends”

Episode #51: Mark Kritzman, “We Have To Question The Assumptions That Underpin Our Models… Nothing Is Simple”

Episode #61: Jack Vogel, “(Factor Timing?) It’s Next To Near Impossible”

Episode #52: Jason Hsu, “This Is A Market Where The Average Human Tendencies Are Precisely The Wrong Thing To Do”

Episode #55: Ed Easterling, “In Reality, Normal Is Actually Volatile. Normal Is Not Mellow”

Episode 56: Dave Nadig, “This Is A Big Year For ETFs”

Episode #67: Simon Black,“I See A Lot Of Red Flags”

Episode #77: Tobias Carlisle, “In Order To Find Something Genuinely Undervalued…There’s Always Something That You Don’t Like”

Episode #88: Eric Clark, “I Still Believe That Alpha Is Available And Possible, And Beating A Benchmark Is Possible”

Episode #93: John Reese, “There Is No Strategy That Outperformed The Stock Market Every Single Year”

Episode #94: Michelle Leder, “There Are Some Companies That We Know Are Sort Of Bad Eggs”

Episode #100: Elroy Dimson, “High Valuations Don’t Necessarily Mean That We’re Going To See Asset Prices Collapse”

Episode #104: Ken Fisher, “If You’re Worried About What Things Are Going to Be Worth Next Week…You’re Going to Make Yourself Way Poorer 20 Years from Now”

Episode #112: Peter Ricchiuti, “You’re Better Off Investing When Things Look Miserable”

Episode #113: Stanley Altshuller, “I’m Bullish On Active Management, But I Think That You Need A Correction For People To Remember Why Hedge Funds Exist In The First Place”

Episode #116: Sarah Ketterer, “Without a Quant Risk Model, I’d Argue an Investment Manager Is Completely Blind”

Episode #119: Tom Dorsey, “Fundamentals Answer the First Question ‘What Should I Buy?’ The Technical Side Answers the Question ‘When?’”

Episode #121: Pim van Vliet, “The Reality Is High-Risk Stocks Earn Low Returns”

Episode #125: Tom Barton, “The Biggest Problem Investors Have is Things Change…and They Don’t Change”

Episode #126: Karen Finerman, ‘Out-of-Favorness’ Is Appealing. The Difficult Part is Timing

Episode #130: Eric Falkenstein, “I Think in the Long Run (Cryptocurrencies) Are Going to Work”

Episode #136: Steve Romick, “Value Investing Is, To Us, Simply Investing With A Margin Of Safety, Believing That You’ve Made An Investment Where It’s Hard To Lose Money Over Time”

Episode #148: Paul Lountzis, “The Qualitative Characteristics Are Becoming Significantly More Meaningful And More Important In Company Analysis”

Episode #150: Bill Smead, “The United States Economy Is Highly Likely To Be The Strongest The Next 10 Years It’s Been Since The Baby Boomers Went Through The 30 to 45-Year-Old Age Range”

Episode #154: Frank Curzio, “You Have To Be Able To Adapt To Different Strategies In Different Markets Because They’re Ever Changing”

Episode #155: Aswath Damodaran, “They [Uber And The Ride Sharing Companies Collectively] Have Disrupted This Business…That’s The Good News, The Bad News Is I Don’t Think They’ve Figured Out A Business Model That Can Convert That Growth Into Profits”

Episode #158: Tobias Carlisle, “The Way To Get The Best Performance Is To Concentrate Into Industries When They Get Cheap”

Episode #160: John Huber, “Stock Prices Fluctuate Much More Than The Underlying Businesses”

Episode #163: Albert Meyer, “You’re Held In Higher Regard When You Don’t Dilute Shareholders”

Episode #165: Chris Mayer, “I Do Think The Biggest Challenge…Is Keeping It, Holding On To It”

Episode #170: Bill Martin, “On The Short Side, Position Sizing Is The Biggest Driver Of Success”

Episode #179: Dan Ferris, “What We Do In The Markets, It’s An Unnatural Act…You’ve Got To Have Some Discipline”

Episode #185: Ben Claremon, “Value Investing Will Always Have A Place”

Episode #187: Kevin Carter, “The Thing That’s Emerging Are The People, It’s All About The Consumer”

Episode #191: Simon Hallett, “Wherever We Can, We’ve Added Something That’s Based Upon Behavioral Finance”

Investing (Allocation, Macro, Global)

Episode 5 – Jared Dillian – “If You Think 2016 is the Opposite of 1981, then You Should Do the Opposite”

Episode 9 – Pete Mladina – “What You Thought Was Skill Was Just Risk Premia”

Episode 14 – Eric Crittenden: “It’s Not Greed And Fear That Drives The Investment World; It’s Envy”

Episode 17 – ReSolve Crew: “It’s About Risk Allocation, Not Capital Allocation”

Episode 18: Rob Arnott, “People Need To Ratchet Down Their Return Expectations”

Episode 21: Michael Covel, “We Can’t Make A Prediction Worth A Damn”

Episode 23: Gregg Fisher: “Sometimes The Best Investment Strategy Isn’t The Right Investment Strategy”

Episode 27: Porter Stansberry: “There’s Going to Be a Big Bill of Bad Debt to Pay”

Episode 29: Tom McClellan, “Now Everybody Knows What the Outcome Is, They Can Get Back to Focusing on Real Things That Actually Matter”

Episode 31: Mark Yusko, “Asset Allocation Matters Most”

Episode 35: Jerry Parker, “To Me It Just Boiled Down To One Question… Will The Big Winners Pay For The Small Losses?”

Episode 37: John Bollinger, “People Have This Time-Frame Confusion That I Think Does A Huge Amount Of Damage”

Episode 39: Ed Thorp, “If You Bet Too Much, You’ll Almost Certainly Be Ruined”

Episode 41: Doug Ramsey, “Valuation Tells Me I Should Be Lighter Than Normal On U.S. Equities And Tilting More Towards Foreign”

Episode 45: Gary Antonacci, “You Get A Synergy That Happens When You Use Dual Momentum”

Episode 46: Raoul Pal, “The Biggest Emerging Macro Story In The World”

Episode 49: Steve Sjuggerud, “This Is Not What The Peak Of A Bull Market Looks Like”

Episode #58: Axel Merk, “Is Your Portfolio Robust Enough For Whatever Might Be Coming Your Way?”

Episode #64: David Varadi, “Managing Risk is Absolutely Critical”

Episode #65: Emil Van Essen, “The Days Of $80 Oil – That’s A Long Way Away”

Episode #68: Corey Hoffstein, “Risk Cannot Be Destroyed, Only Transformed”

Episode #74: Jeff Sherman, “There’s This ‘Buy-The-Dip’ Mentality… Do You Play In It, Or Just Shake Your Head?”

Episode #79: Jason Goepfert, “I Would Not Be Surprised At All To See A Multi-Day 5%-15% Decline”

Episode #80: Claude Erb, “It Is Possible That We’re In The Middle Of A Period In Which Gold Becomes The New Frankincense”

Episode #82: Vineer Bhansali, “The Market Is Severely Underpricing The Probability Of A Sharp, Catastrophic Loss To The Downside”

Episode #83: Randy Swan, “What Do You Do When Things Are Fundamentally Overvalued, But You Want To Remain Invested In The Market?”

Episode #87: Mike Venuto, “I Would Suggest Seeking Out High Active-Share, Global Growth Themes”

Episode #89: Blair Hull, “Emotions Will Kill You In This Game”

Episode #98: Ed Yardeni, “We’ve Got Good Growth With Low Inflation And That’s A Very Good Environment For Stocks And Okay Environment For Bonds”

Episode #106: Brian Singer, “We Don’t Know What Will Trigger the Decline, but When It Happens, Our Fear Is That It’s Sharper and Deeper Than Investors Would Otherwise Expect”

Episode #107: James Montier, “There Really Is A Serious Challenge to Try to Put Together an Investment Portfolio That’s Going to Generate Half-Decent Returns On A Forward-Looking Basis”

Episode #109: Matt Hougan, “Anyone Who Tells You They Know What’s Going to Happen in Crypto Is Probably Lying to You”

Episode #110: Bryan Taylor, “At Some Point, the Stresses Are Going to Be So Great that Some of the Countries (In the European Union) Are Eventually Forced to Leave”

Episode #124: Howard Marks, “It’s Not What You Buy, It’s What You Pay for It That Determines Whether Something Is a Good Investment”

Episode #128: Claude Lamoureux, When You Have to Make A Decision, Always Make the One That Will Let You Sleep Better, Not Eat Better

Episode #131: David Rosenberg, “If Next Year is Not a Recession, It’s Going to Feel Like It”

Episode #134: Chris Cole, “Volatility Is The Instrument That Makes Us Face Truth”

Episode #138: Yariv Haim, “You Should Never Try To Reassess Your Risk Appetite When Markets Crash”

Episode #140: Ralph Acampora, “Don’t Ever Fight Papa Dow”

Episode #144: Marty Bergin, “Adapt Or Die”

Episode #152: Kevin Smith & Tavi Costa, “We Believe We’re In The Early Stages Of A Bear Market”

Episode #153: Kim Shannon, “I’ve Long Believed That The Market Reflects Human Nature As Much As It Does Underlying Fundamental Value”

Episode #157: Randy Swan, “Always Invested, Always Hedged”

Episode #159: Ashby Monk, “The Fee And Cost Issue Is Important Because It Is A Catalyst For Innovation”
Episode #168: Brian Livingston, “What’s True Is That We Have To Adapt To Modern Markets”

Episode #171: Raoul Pal, “Buy Bonds. Buy Dollars. Wear Diamonds.”

Episode #172: Cam Harvey, “This is a Time of Considerable Risk of a Drawdown”

Episode #174: Amlan Roy, “Monetary Policy is Very Ineffective In A World Where We Are Getting Very Old”

Episode #180: Rodrigo Gordillo, “This Craftsmanship Perspective Is About Identifying The Difference Between Complex Versus Robust”

Episode #182: Larry Hite, “I Want To Be In A Position Where Something Great Can Happen…If I Don’t Get That, I Don’t Want To Play”

Episode #183: Ben Inker, “The Problem With Good Returns In The Near Term Is They Have To Be Paid Back Sometime”

Episode #188: Andreas Clenow, “Trend Following Is…About Taking A Lot Of Bets On A Very Large Number Of Markets”

Episode #192: Tim Hayes, “The Base Case Is We’re Still In The Same Secular Bull Market That We’ve Been In Since 2009”

Episode #193: Chris Brightman, “Here We Are With Emerging Markets Again Trading At A Shiller PE Multiple Less Than Half Of The US Stock Market”

Episode #195: Top Podcasts 2019 – Replay: Bill Smead, Cam Harvey, Raoul Pal

Episode #202: Joe Davis, “The Idea Multiplier…We Believe It’s One Of The First Leading Indicators Of Commercial Innovation”

The Best Investment Writing

Bonus Episode: Ehren Stanhope – Microcaps, Factor Spreads, Structural Biases, and the Institutional Imperative

Bonus Episode: Elroy Dimson – The Evolution of Equity Markets

Bonus Episode: Jeremy Schwartz – Net Buybacks Supplement Dividend Yields and Support Future Per Share Growth

Bonus Episode: Leigh Drogen – Revenge of the Humans

Bonus Episode: Michael Philbrick – Skis and Bikes: The Untold Story of Diversification

Bonus Episode: Rick Friedman & Anna Chetoukhina – FAANG SCHMAANG

Bonus Episode: Russel Kinnel – Mind the Gap

Bonus Episode: Todd Tresidder – The Great Financial Forecasting Hoax

Bonus Episode: Wes Gray – Factor Investing is More Art, and Less Science

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Aswath Damodaran – The Perils of Investing Idol Worship: The Kraft Heinz Lessons!

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Ben Johnson – When Markets Are Tough, Don’t Look

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Bob Seawright – Dear Future Me

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Corey Hoffstein – Factor Fimbulwinter

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Frazer Rice – Preparing For The Hurricane Of Wealth

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Gary Antonacci – Extended Backtest of Global Equities Momentum

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Jack Forehand – The Case Against Value Stocks

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Jack Vogel – Trust The Process

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Justin J. Carbonneau – 10 Reasons Why It’s Tough to be a True “Intelligent Investor”

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Larry Swedroe – Investment Strategy in an Uncertain World

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Mike Philbrick – Diversification: What Most Novice Investors Miss About Trend Following

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Paul Novell – When Models Fail

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Ray Micaletti – The Smart Money Indicator: A New Risk Management Tool

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Rob Arnott – Yes. It’s a Bubble. So What?

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Scott Bell – The Asset of Gratitude

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Selected Writing from Prominent Investors and Authors

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Todd Tresidder – Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere – How To Protect Yourself

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Wes Gray – Academic Factor Portfolios are Extremely Painful. Unless you are an Alien.

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Wes Gray – Factor Investing Fact Check: Are Value and Momentum Dead?