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Best Ideas

Episode #256: Best Idea Show – Jeremy Schwartz, Jesper Koll, WisdomTree, “Japan Is Trading At The Lowest Valuation In 30 Years”

Episode #258: Best Idea Show – Wes Gray, Alpha Architect, “An ETF Centralizes Everything Into One Product”

Episode #261: Best Idea Show – Mike Lecours, fpPathfinder, “We’re Seeing More Advisors Start To Build This Into A Core Part Of Their Business”

Episode #263: Best Idea Show – Julian Klymochko, Accelerate Financial Technologies, “The Purpose, And What We’re Really Seeing The SPAC Emerge This Year For, Is To Truly Raise Growth Capital For Growth Businesses”

Episode #266: Best Idea Show – Kiyan Zandiyeh, Sturgeon Capital, “We Have A Blank Canvas To Potentially Create What The Technology Ecosystem Of That Country Will Look Like Over The Next 5-10 Years”

Episode #268: Best Idea Show – Doug Ludlow, MainStreet, “We’re Now Saving The Average Company Using Our Platform About $75,000 Per Year”

Episode #272: Best Idea Show – Tobias Carlisle, Acquirers Fund, “There Are Basically Three Big Periods Of Value Underperformance And They Seem To Congregate Around These Periods Of Technological Advancement”

Episode #285: Best Idea Show – David Marcus, Evermore Global Advisors, “Do You Sell Things That You Like To Buy Things That You Now Love?”

Episode #288: Best Idea Show – Doug Pugliese, Alpha Architect, “Why Not Elect A 1042 Sale And Control When You Pay Those Taxes?”

Episode #300: Best Idea Show – Geoffrey Batt, Euphrates Advisors, “You Get Used To The Terrorism Problem And You Just Start To Focus On The Companies”

Episode #308: Best Idea Show – Maciej Wojtal, Amtelon Capital, “I Saw Iran As Potentially The Biggest Transformational Opportunity Since Russia”

Africa Startup Series

Episode #345: Africa Startup Series – Dr. Abasi Ene-Obong, 54gene, “There Really Hasn’t Been Human Genomics Infrastructure In Africa”

Episode #358: Africa Startup Series – Zachariah George, Launch Africa Ventures, “The Evolution of Tech In Africa Had To Always Start With Fintech”

Episode #359: Africa Startup Series – Aaron Fu, Sherpa Ventures, “We Really Care About The Ability of Our Businesses To Uplift The Other Businesses in Africa”

Episode #369: Africa Startup Series – Maya Horgan Famodu, Ingressive Capital, “Africa Holds The Fastest Growing Consumer Class, Fastest Growing Population & Fastest Growing Middle Class in The World”

Venture Capital & Angel Investing 

Episode #69: Jason Calacanis, Angel Investor, “This Is A Little, Secret Way… A Dark Art Of Becoming Truly Wealthy… Massive Wealth”

Episode #78: Alex Rubalcava, Stage Venture Partners, “If You’re Going To Be An Angel Investor… You Have To Be Devoting Significant Time To It”

Episode #84: Howard Lindzon, Social Leverage, “I Think There’s So Many Ways The Markets Are Rigged That I Think It’s Best To Just Follow Along The Trends”

Episode #90: Dan Rasmussen, Verdad, “The Crown Jewel Of The Alternative Universe Is Private Equity”

Episode #97: Phil Nadel, Forefront Venture Partners, “If You Try To Pick Winners, And You Only Invest In A Handful Of Companies, Odds Are You’re Going To Lose Your Money”

Episode #122: Phil Haslett, EquityZen, “It’s a Place to Connect Interested Buyers and Interested Sellers…in Late-Stage, Pre-IPO Tech Shares”

Episode #123: Fabrice Grinda, FJ Labs, “We’re Still at the Very Beginning of the Tech Revolution… We Are Day One”

Episode #146: Neil Littman, Bioverge, “The More Risk You Kill, Inherently, The More Value You Create”

Episode #149: Phil Haslett, EquityZen, “Lyft’s Doing $2 Billion Dollars A Year In Revenue, And It’s Growing That Revenue 105% A Year. There Are Only 8 Companies Listed On The Stock Exchange In The U.S. With That Kind Of Profile”

Episode #173: Tom Williams, Heron Rock Fund, “I Want To Be That First Call In The Darkest Of Days”

Episode #177: Alex Rubalcava, Stage Venture Partners, “We Want To Help Build Companies That Are Solving Hard Problems That Matter”

Episode #196: Minnie Ingersoll, TenOneTen Ventures, “I Do Believe That Innovation In Our Country Is The Huge Bright Spot”

Episode #199: Peter Livingston, Unpopular Ventures, “All My Best Investments Were The Ones I Couldn’t Get Anyone Else To Do”

Episode #214: Jake Gibson, Better Tomorrow Ventures, “We Think This Idea Of Embedded Fintech Is Going To Get Really Interesting In The Years To Come”

Episode #217: Mary Wheeler, BioRock Ventures, “2019…There Were 20 $1B Biopharma IPOs…We Just Don’t Call Them Unicorns Because They’re Not That Rare”

Episode #222: Dakin Sloss, Prime Movers Lab, “Power Law Is The Key To Understanding Venture Capital”

Episode #223: Steven Jorgenson, Starbridge Venture Capital, “The Launch Sector is Literally Less Than 2% Of The Space Industry”

Episode #233: Lisa Rich, Hemisphere Ventures, Xplore, “Opening Up The Door For Access To Space”

Episode #249: Ben Savage, Clocktower Technology Ventures “Financial Services Has Had A Smaller Share Of Venture Capital Dollars Pointed At It…Since The Inception Of The Venture Capital Industry”

Episode #251: Robert Jacobson, Space Advisors “It’s Not Just One Vertical, It’s More Like An Ecosystem With Lots Of Different Dependencies…The High Ground of Space Being The Overarching Theme”

Episode #287: Jonathan Hsu, Tribe Capital, “Our Specific Areas Of Expertise Are Around Being Able To Tell A Story Utilizing Your Own Data”

Episode #298: Boris Wertz, Version One, “I Really Think About The Next Decade As A Golden Decade For Technology”

Episode #299: Sundeep Ahuja, Climate Capital, “Earth Is A Big Ship And It’s Going To Take A While For Us To Turn This Ship Around”

Episode #302: Lisa Rich, Hemisphere Ventures, Xplore, “There’s Never Been A More Exciting Time For The Space Industry”

Episode #331: Phil Nadel, Forefront Venture Partners, “The Best Companies Are Founded By Folks Who Personally Feel The Pain Point”

Episode #334: Peter Johnson, Jump Capital, “What I Think About Most Of The Time Is What Crypto Is Going To Mean To The World”

Episode #348: Zach Coelius, Coelius Capital, “I Like To Play Where It’s Still Qualitative”

Episode #354: Shawn Merani, Parade Ventures, “The Seed And Pre-Seed Stage, You’re Betting On People”

Episode #355: Sheel Mohnot, Better Tomorrow Ventures “We Think That We’re In The Very Early Innings of Fintech”

Episode #370: Ashley Flucas, Flucas Ventures, “This Is A Really Opportunistic Time For Someone Who’s Not Afraid And New In The Game To Get Started”

Startup Series

Episode #151: Startup Series – Divya Narendra, SumZero, “Valuation Is Probably The Most Critical Component Of SumZero’s Thesis”

Episode #164: Startup Series – Jake Shapiro, RadioPublic, “It’s This Incredibly Engaging, Highly Effective Medium For Really Valuable Listening”

Episode #198: Startup Series – Rabi Gupta and Satwick Saxena, EvaBot, “EvaBot Is…A Gifting Assistant…It Makes It Easy For Businesses to Send Gifts”

Episode #203: Startup Series – Sanchal Ranjan, ZiffyHomes, “We Give You A Different Lifestyle To Work And Play”

Episode #204: Startup Series – Doug Hapeman and Matt Milford, Foresight Mental Health, “We Have This Vision Of Recreating Mental Healthcare With Technology To Make People Happier and Healthier”

Episode #207: Startup Series – Jeremy Yamaguchi, Lawn Love, “It’s…One Of The Last Markets In The US…That Has Been…Resistant To Technology”

Episode #209: Startup Series – Andrew Schulz, NoiseAware, “A Lot Of Our Competitive Advantage Is How We Quantify Sound”

Episode #211: Startup Series – Julie Novack, PartySlate, “We Know Who Works Together…We Can Amplify Those Real World Relationships…That Is Such A Powerful Network Effect”

Episode #212: Startup Series – Eric Satz, AltoIRA, “I Want Everybody To Be Able To Invest In Alternative Assets”

Episode #213: Startup Series – David Sanderson, Reelgood, “The Average Household In The US Uses 5 Streaming Services”

Episode #215: Startup Series – David Chan, FarmTogether, “How Do We Make Farmland As An Asset Class More Accessible?”

Episode #224: Startup Series – Eric Kinariwala, Capsule, “The Pharmacy Sits At The Center Of The Healthcare System”

Episode #227: Startup Series – Alex Smereczniak, 2ULaundry, “Quality Has to Be At The Forefront of Everything That We’re Doing”

Episode #229: Startup Series – Evan Brandoff, LeagueSide, “There’s No Better Way To Engage With Families In The Community Than Through Youth Sports”

Episode #230: Startup Series – Ryan Lupberger, Cleancult “There’s No Other Brand On The Market That Can Sit On Shelves And Be Zero Waste”

Episode #232: Startup Series – Luis Perez, Remoov, “We’re Removing That Headache And We’re Giving You That Piece Of Mind And Your Space Back”

Episode #235: Startup Series – Ajay Prakash, Rinse, “The Barriers To Entry Are Super Low…But The Barriers To Scale Are Incredibly High”

Episode #236: Startup Series – Stuart Landesberg, Grove Collaborative, “I Believe Deeply That Having A Truly Mission Driven Business Is A Sustainable Competitive Advantage”

Episode #237: Startup Series – Ryan McQuaid, PlushCare, “If You Look At Virtual Visits Last Year, They’re Only 1-2% Of All Addressable Visits”

Episode #238: Startup Series – Mark Straub, Smile Identity, “Face Recognition Is, In A Sense, Deep Technology”

Episode #239: Startup Series – Chris Fernandez, EnsoData, “There Was One Particular Area That Felt Like It Was At Least 5 Years Behind…And That Was The Application Of AI To Waveform Data”

Episode #240: Startup Series – Stefan Batory, Booksy, “This Is Probably The Last Major Vertical That’s Not Digitalized…And This Is A Massive Space”

Episode #242: Startup Series – Ham Serunjogi, Chipper Cash “Africa Has The Highest Cost Of Sending Money In The World”

Episode #243: Startup Series – Doug Ludlow, MainStreet “We’d Like To Be There As America And The World Starts To Rebuild, And Give Tools To These Companies…Access To Capital And Financing In A Way They Wouldn’t Have Had Before”

Episode #245: Startup Series – Éva Goicochea, Maude, “The Ethos Of The Company Is To Make Sex More Human, More Normalized, Destigmatized…To Do That, It Started With Design”

Episode #247: Startup Series – David Oates, Curtsy, “Our Number One Best Selling Item To-Date Is Active Wear…Lululemon Leggings, Lululemon Shorts, Nike Shorts”

Episode #250: Startup Series – Kevin Gibbon, Airhouse “We’re The Operations And Logistics Platform For Direct-To-Consumer, Digital-First Brands”

Episode #254: Startup Series – Ken Nguyen, Republic “In The Past Ten Years, The Private Market Has Become Larger Because Companies Are Taking Longer To Go Public”

Episode #259: Startup Series – Shane Heath, MUD\WTR, “I Had Everything In My Head Already…I Felt Like I Was Just As Much Of A Customer Of My Own Product As Any Prospective Customer”

Episode #264: Startup Series – Sammy Courtright, Ten Spot, “How Do We Get People To Feel Like They Work For The Same Company When They’re No Longer In The Same Place?”

Episode #269: Startup Series – Scott Lynn, Masterworks, “I Think Art As An Asset Class Has To Be The Largest Asset Class That Has Never Been Securitized”

Episode #271: Startup Series – Gary Zimmerman, Max My Interest, “Several Of The Banks On Our Platform Offer Preferential Rates That Are Only Visible On The Max Platform”

Episode #273: Startup Series – Adam Moelis, Yotta Savings, “Almost Half Of American’s Can’t Come Up With $400 In An Emergency And 78% Of People Live Paycheck To Paycheck”

Episode #280: Startup Series – Matthew O’Connor, AdQuick, “People Use The Term Disrupt All The Time…And I Like To Think We Can Kind Of Help Erupt The Industry”

Episode #303: Startup Series – Kevin Lozer, Holistiplan, “Streamline And Scale The Tax Planning Process For Advisors”

Episode #326: Startup Series – Viktor Nebehaj, Freetrade, “We Want Everybody To Have Access To Investing”

Episode #328: Startup Series – Katie Echevarria Rosen Kitchens, FabFitFun, “Paying $50 And Getting Over $300 In Full-Size Products Is A Pretty Cool Thing”

Episode #330: Guillermo Cornejo, Riders Share, “Riders Share Is Like An AirBnB, But For Renting Motorcycles”

Episode #333: Startup Series – Rob Forster, Wonderbird Spirits, “Making Gin Is Truly An Art”

Episode #335: Startup Series – Thomas Eiden, Atomic Alchemy, “There Is A Vast Shortage Of Man Made Radioactive Materials”

Episode #336: Startup Series – Hugh Thomas, Ugly Drinks, “This Is The Result Of Two 23-Year Olds In A Pub In London Having A Couple Of Beers”

Episode #338: Startup Series – Will Matthews, Fellow, “Semen Quality Is The Canary In The Coal Mine To Overall Health”

Episode #340: Startup Series – Michael Suffredini, Axiom Space, “The Only Thing I Know How To Do Is Build And Operate A Space Station”

Episode #350: Startup Series – Saad Alam, Hone Health, “40% Of Men Over 35 Have Hormone Imbalance With Testosterone”

Wealth Management & Personal Finance

Episode 19: Jonathan Clements, Journalist, “If Money Can Buy Happiness, Then Why Doesn’t It?” “Because People Don’t Spend It Right.”

Episode 47: Ric Edelman, Edelman Financial Services, “47% Of The Occupations In America Will Be Gone Within 15 Years”

Episode #60: William Bernstein, Efficient Frontier, “The More Comfortable You Are Buying Something, In General, The Worse The Investment It’s Going To Be”

Episode #62: Ron Lieber, Journalist, “We’re Not Having The Right Kinds Of Conversations With Our Kids About (Money)”

Episode #73: Jeff Porter & Barbara Schelhorn, Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney, “Why Financial Planning? Because Investing Alone Won’t Get You There “

Episode #75: Michael McDaniel, Riskalyze, “One Of The Biggest Conditions That Will Lead To Success Is Simply Being Invested”

Episode #76: Phil DeMuth, Conservative Wealth Management, “Nothing In My Global Outlook Is Telling Me It’s Time To Pull Up The Anchor And Set Sail”

Episode #92: Andrew Tobias, Author, “There Are Just A Few Things You Really Need To Know About Investing, And They Don’t Ever Change”

Episode #101:Episode #101: Paul Merriman, Merriman, “The People That Have Come Out Ahead Are the People Who Have Put Their Trust in the System Over the Long-Term”

Episode #117: Steve Lockshin, AdvicePeriod, “We Think the Estate and Tax Planning Levers are the Most Important Levers to Push on for Clients”

Episode #115: Steve Glickman, Economic Innovation Group, “Ultimately, If You Hold for…10 Years or More…You Don’t Pay Any New Capital Gains – Ever”

Episode #143: David Eifrig, Stansberry Research, “Most People Run Losses Into The Ground”

Episode #156: Steve Glickman, Economic Innovation Group, “I Think There’s A Lot Weighing On How Successful We Are At Achieving The Goals Of Opportunity Zones”

Episode #169: Jeremy Jacobson, Go Curry Cracker, “We Ended Up Saving Roughly 70% Of After-Tax Income For About 10 Years”

Episode #176: Adam Tkaczuk, Financial and Tax Consultant, “We Think There Is About A 3% Per Year Tax Benefit To This”

Episode #189: John Parise, Copper Beech Financial Group, “70% Of Wealth Is Lost In The 3rd Generation”

Episode #194: Doug McCormick, HCI Equity Partners, “I Generally Believe People Underestimate The Duration Of The Time That They Will Be Invested”

Episode #275: David Lau, DPL Financial Partners, “The Root Of All Evil When It Comes To Annuities Are Commissions”

Episode #291: Ron Lieber, The New York Times, “If You Look At Private Colleges And Universities, On Average, They’re Discounting Their Tuitions by 52%”

Episode #297: Tim Ranzetta, Next Gen Personal Finance, “Every Student Wants To Learn About Money”

Episode #337: Professor Richard Thaler, University of Chicago, “When Somebody Would Fire Us, It Was Almost Always At Exactly The Wrong Time”

Episode #346: William Bernstein, Efficient Frontier, “We Are Creatures That Seek Compelling Narratives”

Episode #349: Anthony Zhang, Vinovest, “You Should Separate Your Drinking Preferences From Your Investment Preferences”

Episode #363: Rick Bookstaber, Fabric, “Risk Is The Other Side Of The Coin From Opportunity”

Natural Resources & Farmland

Episode #114: David Gladstone, Gladstone Capital, “Farmland Is One of the Most Stable Assets One Can Own”

Episode #161: Brandon Zick, Ceres Partners, “In Row Crops You’re Generating A Lot Of Current Income”

Episode #186: Carter Malloy, AcreTrader, “I Looked At Farmland And Realized…It’s Wildly Inefficient”

Episode #197: Rick Rule, Global Resource Investments, “In Resources You Are Either A Contrarian Or You Are Going To Be A Victim”

Episode #205: Derren Geiger, Cornerstone Acquisition and Management, “E&P Companies Are Doing Whatever They Can To Achieve Cash Flow Neutrality”

Episode #246: Eric Sprott, Mark O’Dea, Oxygen, “I’m Trying To Look For Some Value That’s Not Appreciated By The Market”

Episode #276: Craig Wichner, Farmland LP, “There’s $2.7T Worth Of Farmland In The U.S…And That’s The Same Economic Value As All The Apartment Buildings In The U.S Or All The Office Buildings In The U.S.”

Episode #278: Lucas White, GMO, “Since Inception Of The Strategy…We’ve Been Buying Companies At A Significant Discount, Yet Our Portfolio Has Had Earnings Growth That Far Exceeded The Broad Equity Market”

Episode #312: Carter Malloy, AcreTrader, “In A Couple Of Minutes, You Can Invest As Little As $15,000 Or $20,000 In A Particular Farm”

Episode #319: Brandon Zick, Ceres Partners, “The Market Is $3 Trillion And Institutional Investors Own About 3% Of That”

Episode #320: Shonda Warner, Chess Ag Full Harvest Partners, “The Interesting Thing About Ag Is That It’s There To Play Another Day”

Episode #353: Artem Milinchuk, FarmTogether, “Everything Pointed Towards This Massive Democratization of Alternative Investing“


Episode #133: Todd Harrison, CB1 Capital, “Humanity Has Had a 30,000 Year Relationship with Cannabis”

Episode #135: Karan Wadhera, Casa Verde Capital, “We’re Still In Very, Very Early Innings For What’s Going To Be An Incredible Ride”

Episode #137: Emily and Morgan Paxhia, Poseidon Asset Management, “The Growers Who Focused On Creating Efficient Operations Are The Ones That Are Still Around Today”

Episode #139: Taz Turner and Nate Nienhuis, CordovaCann, “We’re Really Driving At What We Feel Is The Holy Grail of Cannabis”

Episode #142: Ryan Ansin, Entrepreneur, “I Don’t Believe That It’s Easy To Back Into Revenue In This Industry, There Are Just A Thousand Things That Can Go Wrong”

Episode #162: Chase Nobles, Kush.com, “I Think Other Ag Industries Are Going To Be Playing Catch Up With What We’ve Learned Through Hemp and Cannabis”

Episode #167: The Cannabis Opportunity

Episode #274: Mitch Baruchowitz, Merida Capital Holdings, “Is The Trade Over? No…It’s Just Getting Going In Some Ways”

Behavioral Psychology

Episode #54: Elizabeth Dunn, University of British Columbia, “How Can I Use My Money Most Effectively In Order To Promote My Happiness?”

Episode #105: Olivia Judson, Author, “Life Has Transformed the Planet, Which Has Gone On to Alter the Future Course of Life”

Episode #301: Dr. Daniel Crosby, Orion Advisor Solutions, “You Want The Best Anxiety Adjusted Returns”

Radio Shows

Episode 10 – Listener Q&A Episode

Episode 16 – Listener Q&A

Episode 20: Listener Q&A

Episode 22: Listener Q&A

Episode 25: Listener Q&A

Episode 30: Listener Q&A

Episode 33: Listener Q&A

Episode 34: Holiday Collection

Episode 36: Listener Q&A

Episode 40: Listener Q&A

Episode 42: Listener Q&A

Episode 50: Radio Show: Faber Spin-Off Executed

Episode #53: Radio Show: Cheapest Countries Right Now For New Dollars

Episode #57: Radio Show: 17 Different Million-Dollar Fintech Ideas

Episode #59: Radio Show: The Death Of Value Investing

Episode #66: Radio Show: U.S. Equities: At What Valuation To Sell?

Episode #70: Radio Show: The 13F Guru Meb Would Follow Today

Episode #71: Radio Show, “How To Outperform One Of Investing’s Most Beloved Strategies”

Episode #72: Radio Show: Investor Sentiment – What Is It Telling Us About This Bull’s Length?

Episode #81: Radio Show: Notes From Meb’s Office Hours – Listeners Are All Making The Same Mistakes

Episode #85: Radio Show: Bitcoin Futures Are Here – What Now?

Episode #91: Radio Show: Meb’s Most Popular Tweet Of All Time… Signs Of The Top… Listener Q&A

Episode #95: Radio Show: The Short-Vol Trade Blows Up… Meb’s Rare Coin Purchases… And Listener Q&A

Episode #99: Episode #99: Radio Show: Meb’s Bullish On Emerging Markets… Strategies For Limited 401K Options… And Listener Q&A

Episode #102: Radio Show: The “Stay Rich” Portfolio… A Senator Wants to Ban Share Repurchases… and Listener Q&A

Episode #108: Radio Show: What’s More Important – Savings or Returns… What Meb’s Doing with U.S. Bonds… and Listener Q&A

Episode #111: Radio Show: Which Portfolio Hedge for This Market?… Is Short-Termism Harming Your Investments?… and Listener Q&A

Episode #118: Radio Show: Record-Setting US Valuations… Emerging Market Opportunities… VC Bad Behavior… and Listener Q&A

Episode #120: Radio Show: Our New Trinity ETF… Egregious Hedge Fund Fees… and R&D Spending is on the Rise

Episode #127: Radio Show: Meb and Elon Musk Talk Shorting… Conflicting U.S. Valuation Indicators… and Listener Q&A

Episode #129: Meb’s Take on Return Expectations, Portfolio Construction, and Practical Market Approaches

Episode #132: Radio Show: Since 1989 80% of Stocks Had a Collective Return of 0%… A Goldman Bear-Market Indicator at Its Highest Point in Decades… and Listener Q&A

Episode #141: Radio Show: 34 of 40 Countries Have Negative 52 Week Momentum…Big Tax Bills for Mutual Fund Investors…and Listener Q&A

Episode #166: Radio Show: Greece and Russia Are Having Monster Years…Geographic Diversification…and Meb’s 401(k)

Episode #181: Radio Show: Zero Trading Commissions…Valuations…And Trend Following

Episode #190: Radio Show: Buying Stocks At All Time Highs…Fund Manager Sentiment…Year End Questions for Advisors and Brokers

Episode #200: Radio Show: Decade End Returns and Valuations…Process vs. Performance…VC Power Laws

Episode #311: Radio Show: Valuation Update…Bond Returns….Meb’s Startup Investing

Episode #322: Radio Show: Inflation or Deflation?…Foreign Stocks….Value and Momentum

Episode #347: Radio Show – Wes Gray & Patrick Cleary, Alpha Architect– All Things ETFs


Episode 1 – Global Asset Allocation – Investing 101

Episode 3 – Where Are Best Global Values Right Now?

Episode 6 – Three Concepts that Investors Get Wrong
Episode 7 – Playing Defense Against Black Swans

Episode 8 – Starved for Yield

Episode 12 – Why ‘Shareholder Yield’ Beats ‘Dividend Yield’
Episode 13 – Want Buffett’s Returns? Here’s How To Get Them

Episode 15 – The Trinity Portfolio

Episode 24: Learning To Love Investment Bubbles

Episode 43: Learning To Play Offense And Defense

Episode 44: Invest With The House

Episode #86: A Quantitative Approach To Tactical Asset Allocation

Episode #103: The Asset Allocation Pyramid

Episode #145: Cloning The Largest Hedge Fund In The World: Bridgewater’s All Weather

Episode #147: The Stay Rich Portfolio (or, How to Add 2% Yield to Your Savings Account)

Episode #175: The Biggest Valuation Spread In 40 Years?

Episode #178: Nobody Wants To Invest In Your Sh*t

Episode #184: You Could Have Missed…

Episode #201: The Case For Global Investing

Episode #206: Meb’s take on Investment Plans, Building and Maintaining Wealth, How Meb Invests, and Investing in the time of Corona

Episode #208: How Long Can You Handle Underperforming?

Episode #289: Stocks Are Allowed To Be Expensive Since Bonds Yields Are Low…Right?

Episode #332: Mebisode – Journey to 100X

Real Estate

Episode 32: Brew And Brett, PeerStreet, “We Have Long-Term Aspirations Of Disrupting The Entire Mortgage Finance And Securitization Market”

Episode #63: Gary Beasley And Gregor Watson, Roofstock, “We’re Trying To Really Change The Way People Invest In Real Estate”

Episode #96: Craig Leupold & Jim Sullivan, Green Street Advisors, “From A Commercial Property Standpoint, We See Values Drifting Sideways Over The Next 12 Months”

Episode #253: Carl Chang, Kairos Investment Management “Once We Qualify We Can Mitigate Our Downside Scenario, Our Next Level Of Return Is Durable Cash Flow”


Episode 48: Van Simmons, David Hall Rare Coins, “The Rare Coin Market Can Go Up Dramatically, Quickly”

Sports Betting & Moneyball

Episode 38: EVBettor, “Special Super Bowl Show: It’s Higher-Stakes Poker Is What You’re Playing”

Episode #306: Jeff Seder, EQB, “We Ended Up The First Triple Crown Winner In 37 Years”

Investing (Mostly Stocks)

Episode 2 – Patrick O’Shaughnessy, O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, An Unexpected Drop-in from Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Episode 4 – Wes Gray, Alpha Architect, “Even God Would Get Fired as an Active Investor”

Episode 11 – Sam Stovall, S&P Global Market Intelligence, “The Seven Rules of Wall St.”

Episode 26: Jeremy Schwartz, WisdomTree Investments, “You Should Be Hedged A Lot More Than You Are”

Episode 28: Larry Swedroe, Buckingham, “There is Literally No Logical Reason for Anyone to Have a Preference for Dividends”

Episode #51: Mark Kritzman, Windham Capital Management, “We Have To Question The Assumptions That Underpin Our Models… Nothing Is Simple”

Episode #61: Jack Vogel, Alpha Architect, “(Factor Timing?) It’s Next To Near Impossible”

Episode #52: Jason Hsu, Rayliant Global Advisors, “This Is A Market Where The Average Human Tendencies Are Precisely The Wrong Thing To Do”

Episode #55: Ed Easterling, Crestmont Research, “In Reality, Normal Is Actually Volatile. Normal Is Not Mellow”

Episode 56: Dave Nadig, ETF.com, “This Is A Big Year For ETFs”

Episode #67: Simon Black, Sovereign Man, “I See A Lot Of Red Flags”

Episode #77: Tobias Carlisle, Acquirers Funds, “In Order To Find Something Genuinely Undervalued…There’s Always Something That You Don’t Like”

Episode #88: Eric Clark, Accuvest Global Advisors, “I Still Believe That Alpha Is Available And Possible, And Beating A Benchmark Is Possible”

Episode #93: John Reese, Validea Capital Management, “There Is No Strategy That Outperformed The Stock Market Every Single Year”

Episode #94: Michelle Leder, footnoted*, “There Are Some Companies That We Know Are Sort Of Bad Eggs”

Episode #100: Elroy Dimson, London Business School, “High Valuations Don’t Necessarily Mean That We’re Going To See Asset Prices Collapse”

Episode #104: Ken Fisher, Fisher Investments, “If You’re Worried About What Things Are Going to Be Worth Next Week…You’re Going to Make Yourself Way Poorer 20 Years from Now”

Episode #112: Peter Ricchiuti, Tulane University, “You’re Better Off Investing When Things Look Miserable”

Episode #113: Stanley Altshuller, Novus Partners, “I’m Bullish On Active Management, But I Think That You Need A Correction For People To Remember Why Hedge Funds Exist In The First Place”

Episode #116: Sarah Ketterer, Causeway Capital, “Without a Quant Risk Model, I’d Argue an Investment Manager Is Completely Blind”

Episode #119: Tom Dorsey, Dorsey, Wright & Associates, “Fundamentals Answer the First Question ‘What Should I Buy?’ The Technical Side Answers the Question ‘When?’”

Episode #121: Pim van Vliet, Robeco, “The Reality Is High-Risk Stocks Earn Low Returns”

Episode #125: Tom Barton, White Rock Capital, “The Biggest Problem Investors Have is Things Change…and They Don’t Change”

Episode #126: Karen Finerman, First City Capital, ‘Out-of-Favorness’ Is Appealing. The Difficult Part is Timing

Episode #130: Eric Falkenstein, Falkenblog, “I Think in the Long Run (Cryptocurrencies) Are Going to Work”

Episode #136: Steve Romick, FPA Crescent Fund, “Value Investing Is, To Us, Simply Investing With A Margin Of Safety, Believing That You’ve Made An Investment Where It’s Hard To Lose Money Over Time”

Episode #148: Paul Lountzis, Lountzis Asset Management, “The Qualitative Characteristics Are Becoming Significantly More Meaningful And More Important In Company Analysis”

Episode #150: Bill Smead, Smead Capital Management, “The United States Economy Is Highly Likely To Be The Strongest The Next 10 Years It’s Been Since The Baby Boomers Went Through The 30 to 45-Year-Old Age Range”

Episode #154: Frank Curzio, Curzio Research, “You Have To Be Able To Adapt To Different Strategies In Different Markets Because They’re Ever Changing”

Episode #155: Aswath Damodaran, NYU, “They [Uber And The Ride Sharing Companies Collectively] Have Disrupted This Business…That’s The Good News, The Bad News Is I Don’t Think They’ve Figured Out A Business Model That Can Convert That Growth Into Profits”

Episode #158: Tobias Carlisle, Acquirers Funds, “The Way To Get The Best Performance Is To Concentrate Into Industries When They Get Cheap”

Episode #160: John Huber, Saber Capital Management, “Stock Prices Fluctuate Much More Than The Underlying Businesses”

Episode #163: Albert Meyer, Bastiat Capital, “You’re Held In Higher Regard When You Don’t Dilute Shareholders”

Episode #165: Chris Mayer, Woodlock House Family Capital, “I Do Think The Biggest Challenge…Is Keeping It, Holding On To It”

Episode #170: Bill Martin, Raging Capital Management, “On The Short Side, Position Sizing Is The Biggest Driver Of Success”

Episode #179: Dan Ferris, Stansberry Research, “What We Do In The Markets, It’s An Unnatural Act…You’ve Got To Have Some Discipline”

Episode #185: Ben Claremon, Cove Street, “Value Investing Will Always Have A Place”

Episode #187: Kevin Carter, EMQQ, “The Thing That’s Emerging Are The People, It’s All About The Consumer”

Episode #191: Simon Hallett, Harding Loevner, “Wherever We Can, We’ve Added Something That’s Based Upon Behavioral Finance”

Episode #216: David Samra, Artisan Partners, “The Primary Driver of Our Behavior Is Finding a Company That Trades At A Discount To Intrinsic Value”

Episode #218: Adam Karr, Orbis Investments, “One Of The Most Important Decisions You Make Is The Price That You Pay”

Episode #221: Chris Davis, Davis Advisors, “As Human Beings, We Don’t Welcome Fear And Panic…As Investors, We Welcome The Bargain Prices That Those Emotions [Tend To] Produce”

Episode #228: Danilo Santiago, Rational Investment Methodology, “The Market Will Tend To Overpay When Earnings Are Good And Underpay When The Company Gets In Some Kind Of Trouble”

Episode #248: JC Parets, All Star Charts, “The Sooner We Can Find Out We’re Wrong The Better…Then We Can Go Move On To Something Else”

Episode #252: Cem Karsan, Aegea Capital, “30 Day Vol Tends To Be Overbid And You Have Extended Supply In The Back Of The Curve Historically”

Episode #255: Matt Peterson, Peterson Capital Management “We’re In A Global Pandemic; In A Recession…People Are Scared; That Creates Opportunity”

Episode #262: Ihor Dusaniwsky, S3 Partners, “When People Say ‘Shorts Only Kill The Stock Price’…No…There’s A Two Way Street In Their Activity”

Episode #279: Kevin Davitt and John Hiatt, Cboe, “Relative To The Overall Portfolio, Small Allocations To Tail Risk Ideas Can Have An Outsized Impact”

Episode #281: Adrian Helfert, Westwood Group, “We’re Fundamental Investors And Multiasset Investors That Can Look Across The Capital Spectrum”

Episode #283: Brian Barish, Cambiar Investors, “In The Digital Age We’re De-Physicalizing Things”

Episode #284: Michael Gayed, Toroso Investments, “I Don’t Know The Exact Mile Marker I Might Crash My Car, But I Do Know The Conditions That Favor The Accident”

Episode #290: Bill Smead, Smead Capital Management, “There’s Less Respect For Stock Picking Experts Right At This Moment Than There Has Been Since The Peak Of The Dot-Com Bubble”

Episode #292: Tom Barton, White Rock Capital, “I Just Thought, Well, This Is The Dumbest Short Of All-Time”

Episode #294: Dan Rasmussen, Verdad Advisers, “A Lot Of These Regime Changes Happen Around Recessions And Crises”

Episode #295: Jacob Rubin, Philosophy Capital Management, “I’ve Learned In This Business, You Want To Be Successful And Justify Charging A Fee, You Swing The Bat”

Episode #296: Jason Hsu, Rayliant Global Advisors, “As Investors, We’re Always Looking For Uncorrelated Sources Of Return”

Episode #304: Damon Ficklin, Polen Capital, “Even Though We Are Clearly A Growth Manager, A Lot Of Us Have Value-Oriented Roots

Episode #309: Andrew Horowitz, Horowitz & Company, “I Think We’re Starting To See A Little Bit Of What Happens When The Tide Goes Out”

Episode #314: Dan Morehead, Pantera Capital Management, “Satoshi Created Bitcoin As A Result Of The 2008 Global Financial Crisis And It’s Really Coming Into It’s Own Now”

Episode #316: Dianne McKeever, Ides Capital, “My Entire Career, I’ve Been A Value Investing Focused Shareholder Activist”

Episode #323: John Montgomery, Bridgeway Capital Management, “A Factors-Based World View Resonated With Me”

Episode #327: Mario Gabelli, GAMCO Investors, “We Have Accumulated Compounded Knowledge of Certain Industries Over An Extended Period Of Time”

Episode #329: Samantha McLemore, Miller Value Partners, “We’re In Optimism With Pockets Of Euphoria”

Episode #339: George Davis, Hotchkis & Wiley, “We’re In Unchartered Territory Right Now”

Episode #341: Lyle Fitterer, Baird Asset Management, “You Could Even Argue That They’re Better Credits Than The Federal Government”

Episode #342: Aaron Edelheit, Mindset Capital, “The Best Investors Are Those That View It As A Game”

Episode #351: Leigh Drogen, Starkiller Capital, “If This Thing Isn’t Dead Yet, It’s Not Going To Die”

Episode #352: James Rasteh, Coast Capital, “The World Is Running Out Of Gold”

Episode #356: Jim Paulsen, The Leuthold Group, “The Wildcard Is Inflation and Whether It’s Truly Transitory”

Episode #371: Frank Holmes, U.S. Global Investors, HIVE Blockchain – JETS, Bitcoin vs. Gold, & How To Play Supply Chain Issues

Episode #372: Chas Cocke, LB Partners, “There Are Lots of Great Businesses…The Hard Part Is Finding Them At A Really Good Price”

Episode #373: Tim Maloney, Roundhill Investments, “We Hit The Right Theme At The Right Time”

Investing (Allocation, Macro, Global)

Episode 5 – Jared Dillian, The Daily Dirtnap, “If You Think 2016 is the Opposite of 1981, then You Should Do the Opposite”

Episode 9 – Pete Mladina, Northern Trust, “What You Thought Was Skill Was Just Risk Premia”

Episode 14 – Eric Crittenden, Standpoint Asset Management, “It’s Not Greed And Fear That Drives The Investment World; It’s Envy”

Episode 17 – Michael Philbrick, Adam Butler, and Rodrigo Gordillo, ReSolve Asset Management, “It’s About Risk Allocation, Not Capital Allocation”

Episode 18: Rob Arnott, Research Affiliates, “People Need To Ratchet Down Their Return Expectations”

Episode 21: Michael Covel, Author, “We Can’t Make A Prediction Worth A Damn”

Episode 23: Gregg Fisher, Gerstein Fisher, “Sometimes The Best Investment Strategy Isn’t The Right Investment Strategy”

Episode 27: Porter Stansberry, Stansberry Research, “There’s Going to Be a Big Bill of Bad Debt to Pay”

Episode 29: Tom McClellan, The McClellan Market Report, “Now Everybody Knows What the Outcome Is, They Can Get Back to Focusing on Real Things That Actually Matter”

Episode 31: Mark Yusko, Morgan Creek Capital Management, “Asset Allocation Matters Most”

Episode 35: Jerry Parker, Chesapeake, “To Me It Just Boiled Down To One Question… Will The Big Winners Pay For The Small Losses?”

Episode 37: John Bollinger, “People Have This Time-Frame Confusion That I Think Does A Huge Amount Of Damage”

Episode 39: Ed Thorp, Hedge Fund Manager, “If You Bet Too Much, You’ll Almost Certainly Be Ruined”

Episode 41: Doug Ramsey, The Leuthold Group, “Valuation Tells Me I Should Be Lighter Than Normal On U.S. Equities And Tilting More Towards Foreign”

Episode 45: Gary Antonacci, “You Get A Synergy That Happens When You Use Dual Momentum”

Episode 46: Raoul Pal, Real Vision TV, “The Biggest Emerging Macro Story In The World”

Episode 49: Steve Sjuggerud, True Wealth, “This Is Not What The Peak Of A Bull Market Looks Like”

Episode #58: Axel Merk, Merk Investments, “Is Your Portfolio Robust Enough For Whatever Might Be Coming Your Way?”

Episode #64: David Varadi, QuantX Funds, “Managing Risk is Absolutely Critical”

Episode #65: Emil Van Essen, Emil van Essen Managed Futures, “The Days Of $80 Oil – That’s A Long Way Away”

Episode #68: Corey Hoffstein, Newfound Research, “Risk Cannot Be Destroyed, Only Transformed”

Episode #74: Jeff Sherman, DoubleLine, “There’s This ‘Buy-The-Dip’ Mentality… Do You Play In It, Or Just Shake Your Head?”

Episode #79: Jason Goepfert, Sundial Capital Research, “I Would Not Be Surprised At All To See A Multi-Day 5%-15% Decline”

Episode #80: Claude Erb, TCW Group Inc, “It Is Possible That We’re In The Middle Of A Period In Which Gold Becomes The New Frankincense”

Episode #82: Vineer Bhansali, PIMCO, “The Market Is Severely Underpricing The Probability Of A Sharp, Catastrophic Loss To The Downside”

Episode #83: Randy Swan, Swan Global Investments, “What Do You Do When Things Are Fundamentally Overvalued, But You Want To Remain Invested In The Market?”

Episode #87: Mike Venuto, Toroso Investments, “I Would Suggest Seeking Out High Active-Share, Global Growth Themes”

Episode #89: Blair Hull, Hull Investments, “Emotions Will Kill You In This Game”

Episode #98: Ed Yardeni, Yardeni Research, “We’ve Got Good Growth With Low Inflation And That’s A Very Good Environment For Stocks And Okay Environment For Bonds”

Episode #106: Brian Singer, William Blair, “We Don’t Know What Will Trigger the Decline, but When It Happens, Our Fear Is That It’s Sharper and Deeper Than Investors Would Otherwise Expect”

Episode #107: James Montier, GMO, “There Really Is A Serious Challenge to Try to Put Together an Investment Portfolio That’s Going to Generate Half-Decent Returns On A Forward-Looking Basis”

Episode #109: Matt Hougan, Bitwise Asset Management, “Anyone Who Tells You They Know What’s Going to Happen in Crypto Is Probably Lying to You”

Episode #110: Bryan Taylor, Global Financial Data, “At Some Point, the Stresses Are Going to Be So Great that Some of the Countries (In the European Union) Are Eventually Forced to Leave”

Episode #124: Howard Marks, Oaktree Capital, “It’s Not What You Buy, It’s What You Pay for It That Determines Whether Something Is a Good Investment”

Episode #128: Claude Lamoureux, Pension Fund Expert, When You Have to Make A Decision, Always Make the One That Will Let You Sleep Better, Not Eat Better

Episode #131: David Rosenberg, Rosenberg Research, “If Next Year is Not a Recession, It’s Going to Feel Like It”

Episode #134: Chris Cole, Artemis Capital Management, “Volatility Is The Instrument That Makes Us Face Truth”

Episode #138: Yariv Haim, Sparrows Capital, “You Should Never Try To Reassess Your Risk Appetite When Markets Crash”

Episode #140: Ralph Acampora, Market Technicians Association, “Don’t Ever Fight Papa Dow”

Episode #144: Marty Bergin, Dunn Capital Managemen, “Adapt Or Die”

Episode #152: Kevin Smith & Tavi Costa, Crescat Capital, “We Believe We’re In The Early Stages Of A Bear Market”

Episode #153: Kim Shannon, “I’ve Long Believed That The Market Reflects Human Nature As Much As It Does Underlying Fundamental Value”

Episode #157: Randy Swan, Swan Global Investments, “Always Invested, Always Hedged”

Episode #159: Ashby Monk, Sionna Investment Managers, “The Fee And Cost Issue Is Important Because It Is A Catalyst For Innovation”
Episode #168: Brian Livingston, Stanford Global Projects Center, “What’s True Is That We Have To Adapt To Modern Markets”

Episode #171: Raoul Pal, RealVision, “Buy Bonds. Buy Dollars. Wear Diamonds.”

Episode #172: Cam Harvey, Duke University, “This is a Time of Considerable Risk of a Drawdown”

Episode #174: Amlan Roy, State Street Global Advisors, “Monetary Policy is Very Ineffective In A World Where We Are Getting Very Old”

Episode #180: Rodrigo Gordillo, ReSolve Asset Management, “This Craftsmanship Perspective Is About Identifying The Difference Between Complex Versus Robust”

Episode #182: Larry Hite, “I Want To Be In A Position Where Something Great Can Happen…If I Don’t Get That, I Don’t Want To Play”

Episode #183: Ben Inker, GMO, “The Problem With Good Returns In The Near Term Is They Have To Be Paid Back Sometime”

Episode #188: Andreas Clenow, ACIES Asset Management AG, “Trend Following Is…About Taking A Lot Of Bets On A Very Large Number Of Markets”

Episode #192: Tim Hayes, Ned Davis Research, “The Base Case Is We’re Still In The Same Secular Bull Market That We’ve Been In Since 2009”

Episode #193: Chris Brightman, “Here We Are With Emerging Markets Again Trading At A Shiller PE Multiple Less Than Half Of The US Stock Market”

Episode #195: Top Podcasts 2019 – Replay: Bill Smead, Cam Harvey, Raoul Pal

Episode #202: Joe Davis, Vanguard, “The Idea Multiplier…We Believe It’s One Of The First Leading Indicators Of Commercial Innovation”

Episode #210: Jonathan Treussard, Research Affiliates, “Be Aware Of The Cracks Under Your Feet”

Episode #219: Paul Collier, Oxford, “What Capitalism Offers Is A Combination Of Competition And Collaboration”

Episode #220: Andrew Beer, Dynamic Beta Investments, “Can You Match Or Outperform Leading Hedge Funds, But With Low Fees, Daily Liquidity, And Less Downside Risk?”

Episode #225: Eric Crittenden, Standpoint Asset Management, “I Enjoy Trying To Win A Marathon Rather Than Winning Sprints”

Episode #226: Vineer Bhansali, LongTail Alpha, “The Bigger Question To Me Is Not Whether Tail Risk Hedging Is Good Or Bad, But Whether It Is Good Or Bad For Your Current Portfolio Posture”

Episode #231: Julian Klymochko, Accelerate Financial Technologies “The Democratization Of Alternatives, It’s Happening, But It’s Something That Does Not Happen Overnight”

Episode #234: Harindra de Silva, Analytic Investors of Wells Fargo Asset Management, “Just Because A Factor Hasn’t Been Working For 3 Years…Don’t Ignore It…Continue To Evaluate It”

Episode #241: Doug Ramsey, The Leuthold Group “By Our Interpretation, We’re There, I Do Think It’s Time To Be Rotating Away From Large Cap Growth”

Episode #244: Tom Basso, “Investing Is A Mental Game More Than It Is Having The Perfect Indicator Or…Even The Perfect Position Sizing”

Episode #257: Marc Levine, “A Lot Of Times, If You Could Just Make Fewer Bad Decisions…That’s How You Win”

Episode #260: Joel Greenblatt, Gotham Asset Management, “Nine Out Of Ten Families In The Top Fifth Of The Income Chain Have Retirement Savings, Nine In Ten In The Bottom Fifth Have None”

Episode #265: Rusty Vanneman, Orion, “To Manage Portfolio Risk, I Think You Have To Be More Creative Moving Forward”

Episode #267: Edward Altman, NYU, “We Had More Billion Dollar Bankruptcies In 2020 As Of September Of This Year Than Any Year Ever”

Episode #270: Terri Spath, Sierra Investment Management, “We Use A Quantitative Rules Based Process To Go Risk On, Risk Off”

Episode #282: Salem Abraham, Abraham Trading Company, “Managing Risk Starts With Imagining the Unimaginable”

Episode #286: Jeremy Grantham, GMO, “What Day Is The Highest Level Of Optimism? It’s The Day The Market Hits The Peak”

Episode #293: Ted Seides, Capital Allocators, “I Want To Compound My Capital…But I Want To Do It Alongside Of People That I Respect And Trust”

Episode #305: Marc Faber, The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, “The Environment We’re In Favors Quick Profits And Long-Term Loss”

Episode #307: Vikram Mansharamani, Harvard Lecturer and Author, “In All Bubbles, You Usually Have A ‘This Time It’s Different’ Story”

Episode #310: Kathryn Kaminski, AlphaSimplex, “When You’re A Systematic Investor, Your Process Makes The Decision”

Episode #313: Rob Arnott, Research Affiliates, “Modern Monetary Theory Does Not Work”

Episode #315: Warren Pies & Fernando Vidal, 3Fourteen Research, “I Think That The Next 40 Years Are Unlikely To Look Like The Last 40 Years”

Episode #317: Chris Cole, Artemis Capital Management, “You Want To Diversify Based On How Assets Perform In Different Market Regimes”

Episode #318: Perth Tolle, Life + Liberty Indexes, “If I Was In Hong Kong Right Now, I Would Be Arrested, Definitely, For Doing This”

Episode #321: Rajiv Jain, GQG Partners, “The Only Way To Survive Long-Term Is To Be Adaptive”

Episode #324: Edward McQuarrie, Santa Clara University, “Sometimes Stocks Beat Bonds, Sometimes Bonds Beat Stocks”

Episode #344: Jared Dillian, The Daily Dirtnap, “I Think The Cardinal Sin In Investing Is Selling Too Soon”

Episode #357: Marko Papic, Clocktower Group, “If You Don’t Make Calls, Why Are You In This Industry?”

Episode #360: Erin Browne, PIMCO, “I Combine A Quantitative Approach As A Starting Point…And Then Overlay A Discretionary Point of View”

Episode #361: Jeff Hooke, Johns Hopkins, “The Buyout Business…Has Not Outperformed The Public Stock Markets For The Last 10 or 15 Years”

Episode #364: Nancy Davis, Quadratic Capital Management, “Some Women Like To Buy Shoes And I Love To Buy Options”

Episode #365: Bryan Taylor, Global Financial Data, “There Are 100 Ways To Beat The Market; You Just Got To Figure Out What Works For You And Stick To That Plan”

Episode #366: Darius Dale, 42 Macro, “Reflation Is Now The Dominant Market Regime”

Episode #368: Rodrigo Gordillo & Corey Hoffstein, “You Now Get To Have Your Beta Cake While Eating Your Alpha Too”

The Best Investment Writing

Bonus Episode: Ehren Stanhope, O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, Microcaps, Factor Spreads, Structural Biases, and the Institutional Imperative

Bonus Episode: Elroy Dimson, London Business School, The Evolution of Equity Markets

Bonus Episode: Jeremy Schwartz, WisdomTree Investments, Net Buybacks Supplement Dividend Yields and Support Future Per Share Growth

Bonus Episode: Leigh Drogen, Estimize, Revenge of the Humans

Bonus Episode: Michael Philbrick, ReSolve Asset Management, Skis and Bikes: The Untold Story of Diversification

Bonus Episode: Rick Friedman & Anna Chetoukhina, GMO, FAANG SCHMAANG

Bonus Episode: Russel Kinnel, Morningstar, Mind the Gap

Bonus Episode: Todd Tresidder, Financial Mentor, The Great Financial Forecasting Hoax

Bonus Episode: Wes Gray, Alpha Architect, Factor Investing is More Art, and Less Science

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Aswath Damodaran, NYU, The Perils of Investing Idol Worship: The Kraft Heinz Lessons!

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Ben Johnson, Morningstar, When Markets Are Tough, Don’t Look

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Bob Seawright, Madison Avenue Securities, Dear Future Me

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Corey Hoffstein, Newfound Research, Factor Fimbulwinter

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Frazer Rice, Calamos Wealth Management, Preparing For The Hurricane Of Wealth

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Gary Antonacci, Dual Momentum Investing, Extended Backtest of Global Equities Momentum

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Jack Forehand, Validea Capital, The Case Against Value Stocks

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Jack Vogel, Alpha Architect, Trust The Process

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Justin J. Carbonneau, Validea, 10 Reasons Why It’s Tough to be a True “Intelligent Investor”

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Larry Swedroe, Buckingham Strategic Wealth, Investment Strategy in an Uncertain World

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Mike Philbrick, ReSolve Asset Management, Diversification: What Most Novice Investors Miss About Trend Following

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Paul Novell, Investing for a Living, When Models Fail

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Ray Micaletti, Columbus Macro, The Smart Money Indicator: A New Risk Management Tool

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Rob Arnott, Research Affiliates, Yes. It’s a Bubble. So What?

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Scott Bell, Gross Domestic Product, The Asset of Gratitude

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Selected Writing from Prominent Investors and Authors

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Todd Tresidder, Financial Mentor, Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere – How To Protect Yourself

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Wes Gray, Alpha Architect, Academic Factor Portfolios are Extremely Painful. Unless you are an Alien.

The Best Investment Writing Volume 3: Wes Gray, Alpha Architect, Factor Investing Fact Check: Are Value and Momentum Dead?

The Best Investment Writing Volume 4: Anil Rao and Raman Subramanian, MSCI – Game of Homes: Is winter coming for the domestic-equity bias?

The Best Investment Writing Volume 4: Vineer Bhansali, LongTail Alpha – Trading Sardines: The Case Of Currency Hedged Negative Yielding Bonds

The Best Investment Writing Volume 4: Rob Arnott, Research Affiliates – Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

The Best Investment Writing Volume 4: Alec Lucas, Morningstar – A New Perspective on Geographical Diversification

The Best Investment Writing Volume 4: Martin Tarlie, GMO – Is the U.S. Stock Market Bubble Bursting?

The Best Investment Writing Volume 4: Tyler, Portfolio Charts – The Benefits of Bond Convexity

The Best Investment Writing Volume 5: Campbell Harvey and Michele Mazzoleni, Research Affiliates – Breaking Bad Trends

The Best Investment Writing Volume 5: Jack Vogel, Alpha Architect – Value Investing: An Examination of the 1,000 Largest Firms

The Best Investment Writing Volume 5: Brian Barish, Cambiar Investors – The Virus Plaguing Value

The Best Investment Writing Volume 5: Andrew Patterson, Vanguard – The Idea Multiplier: An acceleration in innovation is coming

The Best Investment Writing Volume 5: Peter Chiappinelli, GMO – The Passive Aggressive Agg, Revisited

The Best Investment Writing Volume 5: Amie Ko, Research Affiliates – A Quick Survey of “Broken” Asset Classes

The Best Investment Writing Volume 5: Sean Duffin, Cambridge Associates – Benefits of Global Diversification

The Best Investment Writing Volume 5: Greg Obenshain, Verdad Advisers – Sales and Distributions: How revenue growth and distributions drive equity returns

The Best Investment Writing Volume 5: John Pease, GMO – Value: If Not Now, When?

The Best Investment Writing Volume 5: David Blitz, Pim van Vliet & Guido Baltussen, Robeco – When Equity Factors Drop Their Shorts

The Best Investment Writing Volume 5: Vineer Bhansali, LongTail Alpha – Diversifying Diversification: Downside Risk Management with Portfolios of Insurance Securities

The Best Investment Writing Volume 5: Laurence Siegel, CFA Institute Research Foundation – Debunking Nine and a Half Myths of Investing