Schwager’s New Hedge Market Wizards Book w/ Dalio, Thorp, Woodriff

Looks like Schwager is putting out a new version of his famous Market Wizards series.  Personally I’d like to see a “where are they now” from the past few books. (His other books here.)

Hedge Fund Market Wizards

Table of Contents


Part I: Macro Men

Chapter 1 Colm O’Shea: Knowing When It’s Raining

Chapter 2 Ray Dalio: The Man Who Loves Mistakes

Chapter 3 Scott Ramsey: Low-Risk Futures Trader

Chapter 4 Jamie Mai: Seeking Asymmetry

Chapter 5 Jaffray Woodriff: The Third Way

Part II: Multi

Chapter 6 Edward Thorp: The Innovator

Chapter 7 Larry Benedict: Beyond Three Strikes

Chapter 8 Michael Platt: The Art and Science of Risk Control

Part III: Equity

Chapter 9 Steve Clark: Do more of What Works and Less of What Doesn’t

Chapter 10 Martin Taylor: The Tsar Has No Clothes

Chapter 11 Tom Claugus: A Change of Plans

Chapter 12 Joe Vidich: Harvesting Losses

Chapter 13 Kevin Daly: Who Is Warren Buffett?

Chapter 14 Jimmy Balodimas: Stepping in Front of Freight Trains

Chapter 15 Joel Greenblatt: The Magic Formula

Conclusion 40 Market Wizard Lessons

Appendix 1 The Gain to Pain Ratio

Appendix 2 TITLE TK