Research Updates (CAPE)

We will be doing our quarterly CAPE updates on The Idea Farm next week at quarter end.  


Some other great research we’ve highlighted on The Idea Farm recently:

  • The Trillion Dollar Mistake with John Del Vecchio

  • Risk Parity and Quality with CXO

  • The 7:00’s Report

  • The Time for the Money with Morgan Creek

  • 5 New Asset Classes with SocGen

  • Macro Updates with Cornerstone

  • Inflation expectations and commodities with Guggenheim

  • Cantor on Kamikaze QE

  • McClellan on copper inventories, and the Hindenburg Omen and Titanic Syndrome

  • Fundamental improvements with Janiczek

  • Graham & Doddsville with Columbia

  • Low variance, US $, and Japanese stocks 

  • and early look at the updated GTAA paper update and free Shareholder Yield book.


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