Rukeyser Reborn

I posted a series of investing ideas earlier in the year, and it is good to see people are tackling them!  My friend Wes just launched TurnkeyStats in beta, which is a solid way to backtest allocation ideas.  An update on the five ideas at the end of the post.

I wanted to add a sixth – A Webseries of thoughtful interviews with market participants.  Think Charlie Rose style, or the sadly departed Louis Rukeyser.  So many complain about the financial networks and their hyperfocus on today’s news and lack of longer, thoughtful conversations.  I had beers with Josh Brown in NYC a month ago and tried to convince him to take up the project but no luck.  I know Michael Covel and others do long form podcasts, but it would be fun to see some more developed video.

Who is going to step up here?


Below are links to the old ideas, let me know if I’m missing any…

1 – Public Alts newsletter

2 – Quant Backtester

3 – Tax Harvesting

4 –  Investment research boutique focused on private crowdfunded companies

5 – Investment newsletter focused on Best Ideas